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TEXT TOPIC: What happened over the weekend?

my sister told me she got bedbugs so it was a week and weekend of cleaning and being cautious never again!!

Got my second covid vaccine and had zero side effects ????????

MIL came clean& tld me she isnt my biggest fan &fakes it for my kids, started when I got tattoos 3 yrs ago. guess what, i hvnt liked u since I met u lmao

Caught my ex cheating a couple weeks ago, he didnt know i Knew, this weekend I went and bought a car with his money, and then told him. Best Weekend ever!

was BLESSED with an unexpected nice early b-day gift on Friday. Watched my grandkids on Saturday.

we got new carpet and windows throughout whole house and some spring cleaning done!

last weekend we went on our weekend trip to Heber knowing the crater was sold out Butttttt we were able to get last minute reservations. Woo hoo

my daughter returned home from her mission and she spoke at church Sunday morning

my daughter played the softball game of her life at 12! Double play, hit a monster hit scoring 2 runs helped them win! They were down by 7 and won by 1 good job peanut!

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