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TEXT TOPIC: How did you catch your person cheating on you?

Was on the computer noticed an open email with him telling another girl where to meet him how to secretly contact him. He was also on a dating website

My friend's now ex-spouse butt dialed and they heard the entire conversation they were having with someone describing the affair. ?? ??

Last year I was at work and my co-worker showed me a pic of her boyfriend.....It was my boyfriend too. It was like a John Tucker must die situation!

XHub was wrkng from home. Walked in and he was IM coworker. Her pic was her boobs. I got sus and started digging, found he was cheating with 2 coworkers. Divorced!

my boyfriend at the time sent me a photo of his dog in the passenger seat of the car and there was a scrunchie on his shifter.

I was texting a guy back for my friend while she was drunk and found messages between her and my husband talking inappropriately.

My ex accidentally forwarded her emails to mine. Dirty photos hotel reservations and dirty conversations. It was over.

Found out Xmas Morning he was cheating with a girl he supervised at the jail

the ex had no idea that I knew all his passwords, email, Facebook, etc and regularly checked his phone while he was in the shower so I knew every. thing.

My Wife's OBGYN Told me that my wife was cheating. He called me and told me that she had tested for STD's and came up positive, and I didn't have an STD.

I caught my ex cheating by seeing it right on his phone. He has a password on his phone but didn't know that I knew it and never bothered to erase the texts. I didn't realize at first because he changed her name and put D Andre instead. After forgiving him once I caught him again same girl this time she knew about me and again straight from his own phone and yes I'm talking about you if you're listening.

it was mine and my gf 4 yr anniversary and I got up to use bathroom walked pass her office and she was kissing our friend

I went through my ex husbands phone when we were still together. Found multiple nude photos of underage (17 yo) girls, one being a family friends daughter. He was telling girls we were getting divorced when I thought everything was fine. Scum.

nail tech with pic of hubs on desk. Client says hey.. why do you have pics of my boyfriend?? Hubs cheating!

Woke up at 4 AM and knew my wife was in the same town I was. I was there for training. She however was not!

My exs girlfriend called me when I was in the hospital having our daughter

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