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TEXT TOPIC: What did you do as a family growing up that was weird?

Our kids grew up thinking that when the ice cream man was playing the music that meant he was out of ice cream

Aunts and uncles, cousins, siblings, they all kissed on the lips.

had a friend whose family all kissed on the mouths. She told me at 15 and i told her that was not normal.

had no idea adults wore underwear. I thought all adults wore garments. I was 15 when I found out! Shook me!

Never got any junk food at all. I thought everyone ate non sugary cereals, vegetables with almost every meal, and never tried a twinkie, etc til I moved out

when we were younger we had some neighbors that were sisters come play outside with no shirts on.. we were around 10-12 yrs old.. weird now thinking back on it lol!

first time I went to mcdonalds I was 9 and it was for a bday party. We only ate at home!!

My fam put ketchup on all sandwiches, ham, turkey, roast beef. At 16 I started working at Subway Sandwiches & asked where the ketchup was. I learned we were weird!

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