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TEXT TOPIC: Wanna give your significant other a shout out?

shout out to my husband Taylor! He works so hard for our family and give us an amazing life! Love you babe!

shout out to my wife Amy. Congrats on the new job. Who hoo

I want to give a big shout out to my husband Joshua (uncle maui) Memea! He has been with UTA officially for one year, he has dealt with earthquake, Covid and two very seriously incidents where people have died. He is so strong and amazing congrats babe!

Shout out to my handsome hubby Jake for being the best AP&P Agent and for being the most incredible husband and dad in the entire world! I am so grateful for you! ??

I wanted to give a shout out to my amazing husband John Eisenhart. He is the best dad to our four kids and keeps me sane in my crazy high stress job I love you more than life itself. I cant believe that weve been together for 17 years! I cant wait to grow old with you. Love your wife Kelli

Shout out to my husband Jake! I appreciate all he does for me. From simple things like oil changes to buying our first home. I love you!!

Hey Doogie! Have a great day driving and stay safe! ??????

its Rob McD up in WA. Will you give Maria a shout out. Thanks for all you do for me Maria, love ya! Thanks!

I want you say hello to Ku wife and tell her the I love her and please come back baby I'm so sorry. I made a mistake I miss you and I love you

I wanna give a shout out to my husband Rob, he puts up with my crazy family, he's been with me through my illness(Brain surgery, seizures because of epilepsy) he provides for me and has given me things to make sure I am happy. He works so hard and I wish he would do something for himself to make him happy, he deserves the very best and he deserves to be happy!

shout out to my husband who is currently going through aviation school while being a stay at home dad to our 2 wild boys. #hotpilotdad

Shout out to my wife, I know you cheated. Can't wait to serve you with divorce papers

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