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TEXT TOPIC: Do you have your ex's name tattooed?

I had an ex name tattooed, don't get drunk in Hawaii. It's not a good idea and after the divorce I had to get covered up

My husband has my first and middle name tattooed on his neck. I have his first name tattooed on my forearm.

My husband has his ex tattooed on him with San line through it and anther tattoo that days my bad. Pretty funny when I Met him.

my husband got my face and my name tattooed in two separate spots before we got married

my husband has mine and our 3 daughters names on his chest in Viking font

my husband has his ex wife name on his ring finger. I'm not for him getting my name. nope nope nope

my husband has a tattoo of my name on his wedding finger and I have a tattoo of his name on my butt!!

my baby daddy tattooed a "B" on him for me.. AFTER we broke up. Haha it was so weird.

Boyfriend got my name tattooed on his chest, really cute and came over to show me and I was like oh my gosh do not show my parents LOL we broke up a few months after that LOL

Hubby has the ex wife's name on him. We've been together 5 years and he is finally in the middle of having it removed!

Husbands ex wife attend his name on her crotch. Must make for awkward encounters. Luckily, he didnt reciprocate

My ex husband has my name on the side of his Chest. It's pretty big like 7in long just my name and is his only tattoo on him. And hi hate me to his guts

I have my husbands initial tattooed on my shoulder and it also happens to be the initial of the guy I'm having an affair with

My husband has my name tattooed down his big sexy calf! 17 years strong!

tattooing your SO's name is BAD LUCK. My ex has my name, I had her initials, I covered them when I was remarried.

got my ex boyfriends name on my back in Hindi. It cost $50. Got it removed and it scarred. So I had to get a cover up. Turned into over $5000

my cousin's girlfriend at the time got a tattoo that said property of Bryan on her whole butt cheek and they broke up two months later

I had my ex's initials on my ankle and attempted to burn it off myself. Both dumb decisions.

got my hubby's name on my back at 17 years old my husband got my name on him twice within the last 25 years that we've been together and still going strong #TrueLove

my ex got a tattoo after I broke up with him. It's in my hand writing taken from a note I wrote him previously. It's across his heart ??

Just celebrated our 10 year anniversary and surprised my husband with getting his name on my ribs! My first tattoo too. He loved it

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