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TEXT TOPIC: Did someone close to you air your dirty laundry?

I don't share anything with my mother at all I've been misrepresented to make the story better She repeats everything to her many friends and neighbors

really struggled with breastfeeding my daughter and my MIL announced at a huge family dinner that I was struggling with this.

my SIL told my children things about me and my childhood that were none of her business to share. Ruined my relationships with late teen and early adult children.

my sister in law. You can't tell her ANYTHING. unfortunately we have all learned that the hard way. Doesn't matter what it is she gossips none stop about EVERYONE

my mom every one at her work knew everything about me, when I lost my virginity, got pregnant, when the baby daddy left me, when I was high in my drug days, when boy friend cheated, when I was in love with a guy man... everything nothing was private. Then the friends would ask me about it. I'd give my mom the side eye and she still does it to this day! To me and my siblings!

my mother inlaw told everyone I was pregnant before I had a chance to do a reveal and she did the same with the gender. It was my last and I wanted it to be special and she ruined it. I confronted her and she said well you had your chance to say something and didn't.

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