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TEXT TOPIC: What's on your radar?

what on my radar is grey's Anatomy on Netflix

I an currently getting into saltwater fish tanks

good girls on Netflix.

i love this anime my hero academia

San Diablo's Artisan Churros are on my radar. Best pastry in state. They are mini sized and filled with nutella, etc. Deep Fried Happiness!

we recently tried Kickin seafood in Layton, a Cajun seafood place. It's so good.

The child whisperer... by carol Tuttle. Energy profiling has helped foster every relationship I have. And helped me follow my true self.

marriage or mortgage and firefly lane on Netflix

Prison Break on Hulu and Out Lander on Starz.

Justice league 2 on HBO max !!

ghost adventures on discovery plus

Blake's Gourmet!!!!! I am so addicted!! It's like Christmas when they post the new menu...

waffle stop in Syracuse. Best Salvadorean pupusas in Davis County! They bought the restaurant and kept the name to not loose the loyal customers. They still sell waffles and crepes.

tell me your secrets on prime

I love a mama's boy on TLC have you seen it? It falls into the inappropriate relationships with moms and kids

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