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TEXT TOPIC: What is your happiest childhood memory?

going to girls camp with all the girls I grew up with

My favorite memory from childhood is riding in the back of my uncles truck headed to the rodeo for the 4th of July.

Working in the shop with my dad, I'm a girl, and he was blasting 80's music.

my grandma and I would go get a sprinkle donut at the cottonwood mall restaurant every week and it was such a fun memory!

every summer we would go to Tabiona and sleep in teepees for a week, by a pond and fish.

Building a snowman with my dad when I was little. He was wearing shorts and fingerless gloves while it was snowing.

my favorite memory is driving with my grandpa to Logan, listening to Tina Turner, and stopping at Paul Bunyan Cafe for pancakes.

going to Disneyland every yr it was my moms fav place. I lost her 8 years ago & my husband proposed there to have her be part of it

Duuuuude! Frankie! My fam would listen to "Convoy" on road trips. Such a fun song, brought back fond memories! Love it

loved eating saltines with frosting with my grandpa in the backyard as a kid

best memory is going with My gpa every weekend & Sun. before going home having .99 banana splits at Warren's

grew up in Jacksonville Florida, I loved going to Disney World every summer with my family

catching dragonflies in the field with my brother when we were 7-8 yrs old. Very special since my brother and I don't talk anymore.

like Jess, I'm a barbie girl. Have everyone I've ever owned and over 400 currently. Favorite memory was getting my barbie house my dad and bro built me in 7th grade. Best Christmas ever!

when we were young we had a ton of kids in our neighborhood and we had a small drive-in theater down the road. On Tuesday's it was $5 for the whole car and we would load up 2-3 trucks full of kids(mostly teenagers) and those that could drive would drive us down to the movie for about a quarter each! It was so much fun!

best memories of my dad loading up our trailer every Friday after work and we would go camping until Sunday anyplace around here...Strawberry, Fairview, Diamond Fork, even just up Springville or Mapleton canyons. Every weekend.

when I was a kid Santa Claus was supposed to parachute down at a local mall. My little sister and I were sick with a cold and couldn't go. We were so disappointed. Eating breakfast and looking out the window we saw something in the sky. Santa Claus had blown off course from the mall and landed in an empty lot by our house. My parents drove us over and we got to see Santa although he had sprained his ankle. A Christmas miracle

As a preteen I'd have sleepovers with my girlfriends. If there was a particular church leader we especially loved, we'd head out at night, pile into the van and toilet paper their house. My Dad was the getaway driver.

building fence with all my uncles, my dad, grandpa and all the cousins on Saturdays was the best! Especially when ' Taking Care Of Business ' would come on the radio and they'd all grab shovels and have a guitar show ?? it was awesome!

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