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TEXT TOPIC: What did you find after you moved into your house?

after moving into my house i found a litter of puppies, they were a week old! also found 2 thousand dollars in our walls

we found cat... alive and in the air ducks of our home... He was not nice, maybe that's why the old owners left him behind lol

we have a tall cabinet in our bathroom and a few years after living here we found a "toy" hidden along the top.

we found cat bones in the walls---The cat bones were actually mix with the cement when we Renovated and took down a wall there were about 15 bodies cats actually in the wall

New neighbors found marijuana hidden after previous neighbor passed away.

My friends bought a house with a pot plant in the backyard and then a couch that they bought had a gun left in the cushions

Friends moved into historic home in Boise, found several solid gold bars stuffed up on a stone wall in the basement when doing renovations.

wet dog food in the vent, dog hair also in the vents and a disgusting fridge. We had the vents sucked out and also mice

cleaning out a home I bought as a rental, found a very questionable baggie filled w white powder

Im a uhp trooper. Moved in & on rainy days I could smell weed faintly. Long story, found out the previous owners dog was sprayed by a skunk and was running in the house before they sold. NEW CARPET!!

My son found a box of old kids toys in the crawl space under the house.

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