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TEXT TOPIC: What is your Passive Aggressive text?

can we stop with democrat vs republican at church? It's not the time or the place people. JUST STOP IT!

When you're with your grandkids, put the damn phone away! GRANDMA.

Hey dumbass, you tailing me won't make me drive any faster.. in fact it makes me drove slower just to piss you off.

People of Clinton- PLEASE read up on how roundabouts work. IT IS A FOUR WAY STOP WHEN MULTIPLE CARS APPROACH. Drives me insane. Pun intended

to my friend who thinks it's funny to say when did I ask after trying to start a conversation your just an idiot

don't do something for me if you're going to expect something in return. so annoying when people expect things, i can't stand it

my Dad blocked our WiFi so that we can only use it at set times

do not make your mistake my problem! You lost the account not me, deal with it and learn from it! Know your audience

dear boss. You knew my background when you hired me was management, not sales. Don't get mad that I don't know it yet, I'm willing to learn.

Hey In laws, your silence is heard loud and clear. It is hurtful you ignored my birthday for the second year in a row. You are horrible people.

Ok Ashley! Stop telling me "perception is really". No. Reality is reality. Start thinking that you may just be wrong!!!

a compromise isn't after I do what u want, u'll come 2 the middle. It's both us simultaneously comin 2 the middle, Eric!!

if you don't want to be tailgated then move the hell out of the fast lane!!!!

I understand you you're feeling bad about what you did and avoiding me because of it but I'm still a human and deserve to be treated like one.

left lanes loafers, instead of being a keeper of the speed, move over. It's my risk getting a ticket I don't need your help. Thanks

To the lady at the park who called my son ugly brown Boy. My son is perfect

if you don't want to come in to work be prepared to not be able to pay your bills. don't complain to me. that was your choice

if you are going to quit just quit already stop lying about fake doctor apps, coming all dressed up! Ps they called me already to get a reference. Won't fire you because I know you'll file unemployment on me

I already have 4 kids under the age of 9. You have 1. You don't need a break yet you always send her over. How about asking if I need a break

Utah has last minute drivers I have road rage from it

just because im agnostic does not mean im atheist.

quit pretending the church isnt hiding its shady history!

To a certain manager I work for. You clearly don't know how to treat employees with respect. I suggest you learn how.

PAT: To all you new truck drivers. Trucker etiquette is a thing! Look it up and be a courteous trucker! Obey the code!

Hey people the space between my semi and the semi in front of me is called the death zone for a reason. Don't pull into it

boundaries . Where do you get off ? Stop asking for things and money youre my husbands ex not my child. Don't mistake my kindness for weakness

to the round-about person. A round-about is not a 4 way stop. Look it up. You yield and go. So all 4 can go at the same time. Learn to drive Moron

UR a man in ur 30s. Cant hold down a job. Cant support ur family. Ur a awful dad. Ur not even a man of ur word. What r u good for?

people ?? it shouldn't have to cost delivery drivers to deliver your food! No tip, no food! Get it yo self

Just let me get a house and stop outbidding me people

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