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TEXT TOPIC: Are you 'cheating' behind your loved ones back?

I cheat on my hubby when I go couponing instead of the Gym. He paid for a full year in advanced so I'm motivated. But the sales are ridiculously GOOD!--yeah I got to the "Gym" while he stays with our 3 kids 4mo, 15mo & 4yr old... I need a break I'm a stay at home mom.

I've been gambling and my husband doesn't know. However, I'm up $6,500! So I'm probably going to spill the beans.

soda. We always try to 'quit' soda but I love it.

my relationship ended because he always told me I cheated on him with my laptop. I know I work a ton but I love what I do!

He is sneaking ciggs behind her back

yes my wife is always watching television and I feel like the time she is watching tv is more important to her than time with me.

mind ya business . I have many secret relationships with Hobby lobby , jo Anns , Michaels , Big lots and the DOLLAR STORE!

I'm a stay at home mom, work and home & just started my own business. I partake in a little bit of edibles daily to help me keep calm and leveled. I call it "Mommy's little helper."

Technically telling y'all is me "cheating." My husband made me pinky promise not to tell anyone before he told me what he'd done. He backed my car into his car. (I'm DYING not being able to tell anyone)

cheating.. with money. I spend on Amazon and target runs without saying anything. I try to hide the clothes for kid etc throughout the home... I have since done better. I was in previously toxic marriage where I wasn't allowed to spend.

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