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TEXT TOPIC: Who is the unobservant man or woman in your life?

My Best friend who is a girl, who I hang out with 2-3 times a week didn't notice my new car for 2 weeks.

pierced my nose and it took my husband a week to notice (now ex-husband)

I got purple and pink highlights put into my hair, and its pastel, but still very noticeable. My mom didn't notice for a month and got mad that i did it.

got dentures and finally had straight teeth for once. Half my family took a year to notice. The other hasn't and probably won't after 3 years.

My husband gets this crown . He is completely unobservant of EVERYTHING. Dishes, overflowing garbages, getting my hair done, he thinks everything I wear is new ??. He will literally stand in front of the cupboards while I'm unloading the dishwasher. Not intentionally. He's just that bad. Good thing he's handy and handsome.

Husband's had a goatee or beard for our whole marriage. After 8 years he shaved it all off. I didn't notice. Husband had to tell me.

everyday. Years ago I worked for a very small company. received a call and they asked for the bearded one. No one came to mind. Said my bosses name. When my boss returned from lunch, yep, he had a full on beard. Spreadsheets, numbers, nothing gets past me. People and cars not the same

This past weekend, he asked me to pick up yogurt the next time at the store. I had just been to the store the day before and bought his yogurt. He has been in that fridge a million times!

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