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TEXT TOPIC: The King or Queen of backhanded compliments

my mother in law is the queen of backhanded compliments.

My mother-in-law is the WORST! She's not much of a kid person, so whenever it comes to them, she wants to seem supportive but throws in that nasty comment.

My mom. When I was 17 she said the ONE thing I had going for me is my cute little shape. Not that I was pretty or smart. I was bulemic and anorexic for years. It's been 31 yrs and tomorrow I am getting a free consultation at Sono Bello for lipo. I'm 5'6'and 130 pounds. People watch your words.

my mom she's been telling me my whole life that I'm pretty but I could be prettier like my sister if I lost weight.

I think I'm the backhanded complimenter!! I don't mean it that way it just comes out that way. I think paired with my RBF resting bitch face it is worse.

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