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TEXT TOPIC: Share awkward moments you've had!

when you flip someone off in traffic and end up next to them at a stop light! Lol.

when you see someone you know driving and you stay next to each other in traffic.

having a baby. Everything about that sh** is awkward

seeing one of your Facebook "friends" in real life. It's been 10 years since you spoke, but still like some of their posts. Avoid eye contact at all costs!

when you cannot understand what someone is saying but you've already said "what?" 3x so you just smile and nod and not know what you're agreeing to

when 4 cars pull up to a stop sign intersection at the exact same time and weirdly smile and wait and stare, and then all try to go at the same time

I was in the Dollar store and the 2 inch heel on my ankle boot suddenly fell off. I picked it up and put it in my purse then proceeded to walk on my toes gracefully " not" to the checkout stand and paid for my items.

watching a sex scene in a movie with your parents in the room

when you make a joke on zoom but everyone is on silent and it lands flat... multiple times a day

when you try to go in for a handshake and they go for the hug

Awkward moment when you respond to someone saying Hi or answer question and realize they are talking to someone on the phone by bluetooth not you.

when you trip over your own feet and look up and there are people who saw it happen

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