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TEXT TOPIC: Did you get married in secret?

my husband had a dime bag of weed in his suit pocket at our wedding inside the Mormon church

Been together 15 years. Married 2 yrs. Only 2 ppl know we are married.

my sister got married and didn't tell anyone. I found out from my parents months later and my sister didn't tell me for almost a yr!!

one of my best friends went up in the mtns & for married in secret bc she knew I hated him. Ended in divorce shortly after

When gay marriage was legalized my ex and I got married in secret. We hadn't been together very long so we didn't tell anyone.

my brother got married in secret, him and his now wife went I Vegas and eloped then told everyone after the fact

Got married as soon as I turned 18. Didn't tell parents until I got preggo. They weren't happy

we got married at the city office Only told our parents because I was going to get kicked out of the country. That was 20 years ago. I was 18 and he was 21

My grandparents secretly got married in Reno on New Years Eve 1938! They came home and went to their own homes without telling anyone. A few months later her father found out and invited grandpa over to dinner. He said I hear you got married take her home with you. They were married for over 60 years and whenever we asked about it they just giggled.

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