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TEXT TOPIC: What's on your radar?

on my radar: Comedian Tim Dillon is so funny !

tv show Perpetual Grace. A little dark and slow but the dialogue is amazing!

what's on my radar is a podcast called "Criminalia" it is 2 women that talk about criminals in history and they are AMAZING

radar: musicians- No Resolve. He's a UPS man by day in Michigan,lead singer at night. Lily Rose- Villain. Both on tik tok. Love their music.

Murder among Mormons on Netflix. All I have to say is WOW!!

The office ladies podcast and on Netflix Imposters

The Mystery Kids podcast. A podcast about the weird and unexplained! Think Unsolved Mysteries for kids!

homeland on Hulu me and my hubby are SUCKED RIGHT IN and it has 8 seasons!

I'm sooooo into Dutch Bros!! Their coffee selection is amazing and they give back to local charities!

started watching white collar. Awesome show

I have been obsessed with disc golf. Wife isn't too happy with my 50+ discs.

Movie- Moxie – empowering for all girls and women

Murder Among the Mormons on Netflix. MFM also covered in episode 76.

Scribe and Scribble US on insta

Exclusive IT photography on FB

grey's Anatomy on Netflix

Fair Play (both the book and the game)! It's seriously changed my marriage for the better.

RADAR o'Keefe's lip repair! Sooooooo much better than any other chapstick!

Red Robin is always on my radar!!! Yummn

Good Girls on Netflix. Binged the first 2 seasons in like 2 days!!! SOOOO GOOD!

I am loving Creating The Habit in Layton. They have nutritional shakes and teas which are yummy and the teas are so colorful and pretty!

into Dr Phil's Murder Analysis podcast, i think Frankie will like it, DR PHIL ROCKS!

on my radar is @kristinsflowers on Instagram. She is a local florist and crafter with the cutest stuff ever!!

Lupin on Netflix it's like Thomas crown the gentleman burglar but much better. A couple episodes and you are hooked

on my radar is Sauce Boss Southern Kitchen in Draper. We went there the other day for lunch. Holy crap I can't wait to go back.

Absentia, Doctor Foster and American Gods

Firefly Lane on Netflix, Katherine Heigl is fantastic in it.

Shadow hunters on Hulu

Gual Bertos, their Carne asada fries are amazing!!

what I'm into. Bothers and Sisters on Hulu (Sally Fields and Rob Lowe) SO GOOD!!!

The Handmaids Tale. Catching up on it before season 4 comes out

Radar: Dungeons and dragons. We watch voice actors play dungeons and dragons on YouTube called CRITICAL ROLE.

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