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TEXT TOPIC: Did you save someone's life?

gave the Heimlich to my 9 month old daughter. We were in a crowded room and I was the only one who noticed she was choking. Scariest moment of my life Turning over onto your leg and pounding on back

My sis & I snuck out and went to play in the creek. I was 8, she was 10. I fell in & she grabbed my arm and yanked me out but I would have been swept away.

i was having lunch with my dad in a wendy's & there was a man & a woman there was well and i caught the woman's eye and she asked me for help and her husband was having a heart issues and i'm cpr trained and i saved his life that day

We were at Lake Tahoe. My little brother and I decided to swim out to the buoy and back. He was on his high school swim team so I figured he was a strong swimmer. On our way back into the shore he started yelling HELP I'M DROWNING and sinking under the water. He is 5'9 180lbs. I'm 5'3 125lb. I rescue swam him very poorly ( with my mouth barley above the water ). I was trying to talk, telling him everything was fine while trying to keep us both above water. After about what seemed like forever some guys in a canoe came over and helped us. They said they saw us struggling. He was 16 at the time. He will be 32 on Friday. I still pull the I SAVED YOUR LIFE BRO any time I can!!!

I was 19 working for a auto parts company making a delivery and I noticed this Cadillac with smoke coming out of the engine compartment. There was an old lady (80's) sitting in the front seat pounding on her window. I pulled over and got her out of the car and by that time the car engine compartment was in golfed in flames. I got her into my truck and this was life well before cell phones so I had to drive back to my company make the phone call to 911 and by the time they got there the car was completely on fire. Crazy!

my step dad had a heart attack and my cousin happen to with him, and was able to do car while the ambulance got their and saved his life!

fianc struggld w/mental hlth, got drunk, laid on rr tracks 1 nite & passd out. I had 2 call his dad 2 hlp me a train was literally headed 2wrd him a cpl miles away, his dad wrks 4 UPRR & was able 2 hav them stop the train so he cld get there.

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