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TEXT TOPIC: When did you say something and it came out wrong?

Not so much wires got crossed but in 7th grade I was reading out loud in science class and I said orgasm instead of organism

I'm in front of 33 6th graders, teaching science and instead of saying "organism", I said "orgasm"!

A friend was telling us she made pigs in a blanket. She said hotdogs in a coat. I will forever call it that

my wife is a 911 dispatcher and her coworker once said vulva on the radio instead of Volvo

when I was in social dance class I was trying to tell a girl that she was an elegant dancer but for some reason I said elegant hippo. I actually do know why. I was watching a documentary about hippos before this class so they were on my brain

my daughter was talking about the maturation video at school and says maturbation.

My little sister went to school and told the 1st grade class we were going to stay in the condoms. We were going to the condos.

In and Out drive through – Wanted to say animal style, said, DOGGIE STYLE!!!!!!!!!!!!

The things that come out of my mouth. Working in an rv dealership.. greeted a customer with What can I do WITH you.

I was younger at the grocery store with my dad and pointed at the seafood case and meant to say octopus tentacles but accidentally said octopus testicles were there.

When I was 10, my older sister went to her best friends viewing. When she came home sad, I didn't know what to say, but for some reason I blurted out "did they stuff her good". I've always felt bad about those choices of words.

Years ago working at a car dealership in parts. Customer had a stutter so I was trying to help him find a part at another dealer. While on the phone asking about customers part they said "what was that number?" And I replied automatically " Did I stutter!?!" This was right in front of the guy I was helping. Way embarrassed.

a friend got engaged and I had never met her fiance. I meant to ask "Who are you marrying?" What came out was "Who'd wanna marry you?" I was mortified

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