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TEXT TOPIC: What happened on the test drive?

the salesman ripped his pants getting into the car and was texting his wife to bring him pants. He awkwardly told us to go inside while he waited

got a speeding ticket while test driving... still bought the car... that should of been my warning sign to not buy

My dad got a speeding ticket while test driving a mini van. Me, my mom and the dealership guy were in the car

car (Audi S4 convertible) broke down on the freeway during the test drive. Husband bought it anyways after they fixed it.

I work for a a dealership someone went for a test drive for 4 hours found out they took the car to another dealership to test drive another car

Hit a dear test driving a Jeep once ): very scary. Did not buy it

worked as a car salesman and took a guy on a test drive pulled into a gas Station so the guy could buy weed

dealer let us drive alone Subaru we test drove died in the middle of a busy intersection we had to push it alone & wait 45 mins for them to come and get us

the salesman got the stomach flu on the test drive so I ended up driving him home and then driving the car back to the dealership. I did not buy the barf car.

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