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TEXT TOPIC: Who was your first kiss?

my first kiss was when I was 18 and it was awful and wet. It was a totally make out session, but it was gross, his mouth was all over mine

My first kiss was in the 8th grade he walked me half way home on a very busy road and he kissed me good bye. His name was Danny

first kiss. I was 5 yrs old. We were in the gym at church.

15 in Junior High during an after school volleyball game

First kiss...freshman year of high school girl who thought I was my twin told me to meet her at lunch. By lunch time I knew where she wanted to meet but FORGOT WHAT SHE LOOKED LIKE???? yeah she came up and kissed me on the lips

my first was Bobby in 3 grade. GROSS!!! I didn't want it at all! He had cheeto teeth. The gross orange stuff stuck to his teeth. I still feel violated.

7thgrade. Corner at valley fair mall. Planned w/girlfriends. They could all see 20 ft away. Giggled all the way back home

Kissed Andy at age 13 on my Day Bed. He ripped my glasses off my face and planted one on me! It was completely awkward!

I was 16, it was in the hall in front of my chemistry teachers room. When we pulled apart there was a string of spit. I was horrified & didnt kiss again for a year!

first kiss was my tall skinny kind of goofy had braces but really cute bf at 12 y/o. I looooooved that kiss. & now he's grown to be the sexiest guy ever

my first kiss was w/ an older guy, I fell asleep during a movie &woke up 2his tongue in my mouth. I cried when I got home because he stole my first kiss ??

We went out for lunch and then up the canyon to take a walk around Silver Lake. He pulled me onto one of the little docks and kissed me!! ????

first kiss 12parents found out and I got a belt to the a$&

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