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TEXT TOPIC: What's on your Radar?

on my radar is "City Buffet" in Roy on the corner of 1900 w and 5600 s it just opened a month ago and have an awesome variety of Asian food

Show on netflix called Ginny & Georgia. It's an interesting show that I recommend everyone watch

All is gel, cbd and melatonin gel capsules by farmer and chemist. Great product!!

I'm listening to WomanCode by Alicia Vitti. Awesome book about how to heal a lot of issues women have with their hormones and what causes a lot of it

Cable Girls on Netflix

on my radar is Girl Scouts cookies! Delicious they need to be available all year

You gotta check up this Mashup on YouTube ... Van Wonder 'Chained Uptight'

Strawberry Tru Fru and Grape Crystal Light,

"how I met your mother"

Just binge watched Bridgerton, SO GOOD

what's on your radar: iced white chocolate latte with lavender, oat milk and the soft top from Dutch bros. SO GOOD!!

the book The Obesity Code by Jason Fung!! And intermittent fasting. Book is a game changer & whole new understanding!!

The Bissell Crosswave! It's amazing!!! My dog tracks mud in the house and it's a vacuum and mop all in one. It's easy and easy to clean.

The Murder of Laci Peterson on Hulu. Kinda weird take and almost makes you think he's innocent. 2 episodes left.

look up sMothered it's a train wreck tv that you get sucked into

Dirty John on Netflix. The guy is crazy! There's also a podcast about it.

wentworth series on Netflix

the podcast scared to death by dan cummings

Rene's cheesecake truck! Freaking love it.

pinned coffee in South Jordan and the Tom hardy drink they have. Yummy.

on my radar is the good Food gluten free bakery in salt Lake city Utah it's delicious

Murder & makeup. They are 15-20 minutes talking about murders as she does her makeup. I watch them on Facebook.

My name is Layne Hone In 2018 I published my 1st book called The Vaccine. Its on Amazon. With COVID-19 here is exciting and shocking how my book compares

Cecil hotel is a FASCINATING story! Binged it in 1 day, not much "new" info if you've followed

watch Married at First Sight on lifetime I think

Frankie the Dan Cummins podcast is called Timesuck....hail nimrod!

The Hey Babe podcast with Sal Vulcano and Chris Destephano they're HILARIOUS

"The what's on your radar" is on my radar. I end up with a list of things to check out every week!

Podcast!! In Sanity: a piece of mind. She is a mental health counselor in SLC. Short episodes that cover real relevant topics right now. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!

Stillness is the key by Ryan Holiday. I need to finish it but it really makes you think what is important in life.

HLN Has series lies, crime, videos! I'm obsessed with real crime, serial killers, etc and this show has stories I've NEVER heard of! Fascinating and creepy!

What's on my radar hes a local from Ogden hes a rapper Cotes hes on Spotify and YouTube

The lord of the rings remastered for IMAX at Megaplex... so coooool

Leila's Luau in Syracuse is on my radar!!!! Their food is to die for!

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