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TEXT TOPIC: What do you wish your spouse would do more often?

be more romantic. Our relationship is so fun and playful but I still need romance. Plan a date. Plan a trip

I wish my hubby would take me out more often without expecting or asking for "adult time" the whole date

I want get more freaky round the backside and she won’t let me

I wish my husband would be more touchy. Like massage me, so I don't have to go pay for one. His hands hurt from arthritis.

i wish my hubby would surprise me more. He isn't good at holidays and celebrations and I wish he was good at gift giving. Its one of my love languages

I am a closet freek and my husband is a boring mo mo!!

I wish my husband would spend time with his family and I instead of being on his video games all the time when he gets home

wish my girl would start practicing better dental hygiene she brushed her teeth the other day and I cleaned globs of blood out of the sink

wish my hubs would hug me more instead of just smacking my butt all the time. I like that too, but hugs mean a lot more.

wish he would by me flowers and take out the garbage

wish my husband would initiate and want sex more! I wish I felt wanted/ desired more from him

have a LONG list but mainly I want to be a priority and be loved and shown love. I'm lonely but been married for almost 21 years

wish my husband would...1.Be better at reading the room 2. HAVE SEX WITH ME MORE OFTEN

wish my husband would put more effort into being present when he's home

wish my hubby would hug me more! I love hugs ???

Say thank you!

wish hubby could put his clothes in the laundry basket instead of piling them up on his side of the bed

Would like my spouse to Help clean, pickup after himself, and do his own dam laundry! Ugh basically be more slobless lol

I wish he’d do me more :)

wish my husband would cuddle with me more. My love language is physical touch. I'll take a cuddle over an expensive gift any day.

wish he would go off and do his own things more often.

wish my husband would take photos/family photos with me beens together 8 years and only have a couple photos together and none with us and our kids :(

wish he would go to the doctor less! He is a hypochondriac!

wish that my husband would tell me that I look pretty, beautiful, sexy, etc. He never says anything :(

wish he would open car door for me!! He was until a stupid family member said "wow, you do that!! " and laughed!!

wish my husband would notice I don't give a crap about all of his conspiracy theories in life! Lol

I wish my husband would do more things that let me know he is thinking of me. When we were dating he used to buy me flowers or surprise me with things but since we have been married those thoughtful actions have stopped. He does other things for me, but things that arent necessarily my love language!

wish my husband would have complimented me more! I take of care of myself, I look good!

wish my husband would initiate GETTING IT ON more ??

would love if he helped around the house more, and spent more quality time with the kids

Wish my hubby would open up more and help resolve the family tension with his mother instead of caving into her to keep the peace.

wish that my husband and I could communicate things better and share our emotional stuff.

my fianc tells me he wishes I would be huggy kissy with him more. Rub his head, baby him more like he does for me, initiate sex because he always does

in regards to the eye contact thing. We make eye contact while having sex sometimes and it is amazing!

wish he will be more romantic and bring me flowers or do things for ME. Dont get me wrong he is amazing and helps me to clean, cook and other stuff like that but i want to feel wanted and desired

Wish he give me the big O way more than he does. Its starting to get to me

in the beginning my girlfriend used to surprise me with things all the time, and i loved it and it made me fall in love with her but she doesn't do it anymore and it makes me sad

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