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TEXT TOPIC: What are your silly nicknames for your pets?

Cat Sophie nicknames soph soph, meow face, mew, psycho

Fatty fatty, fat boy, fat girl,

Koda but we sometimes call him butt hole because when he does the front leg stretch he points his butt right at someone and well, hello butt hole

My cats name is Ace. I like to call him Acehole.

Our cat's name is Walnut. We call him Wally, Wally Boy, Creep, Little Sh**, A**hole, & Wally Wally Oxen Free (play on "Olly Olly Oxen Free" song).

my 20 lbs gorgeous siamese cat is named Scribbles, we call him pretty kitty and fat cat

our dog's name is Khloe but we often call her flopsy because of her floppy ears or snips because she starts nipping when tire

little schnoole terrier mix We call her butt nug. Since little she gets little nugget's of poo that would get stuck hanging out her butt.

Our dog's name is Piper, we call her Pipe, Pipey, Pipes, Puppers, Princess...we hardley ever call her by her name, lol.

pet names: Ollie is his name. Ollie pop, prince Ollie, Olinator, Ollie Ollie oxen free

El guapo gato

My dogs name is stela but we call her dobby because she looks like dobby the house elf from Harry Potter

I call my mini aussie mix Mr. Buttwiggles and our lab mix we call him raptor because he bites

Mookie., Her name is Molly

we call our 12lb Maltie poo hall monitor. She will chase after anyone running and bark until they stop

Dog's name is Dallas, we call her Dally, Dooey, Doo-ta-doo. Cat's name is Gracie, I call her Squishy, Scoochie and Hoochie Mamma

Our dog named Murphy. We call him Smurf because our son used to when he was 3!

2 border collies. Gunner Is an a-hole, because he's an a-hole haha Nova is crack head cause she has more energy than anyone knows what to do with( we are convinced she has adhd haha) or she is dino or nova-saurus/ nova-saurus rex cause she makes dinosaur like noises when she wants attention or to play.

We have a Great Dane we call Big Big and a border collie we call Mini.

baby kitty named Lilly. Short for Lilith aka demon

border collie husky mix his name is Tucker but his nickname is handsome

I call my dog tubby toby

his name is Roco ( Rock o ) We call him Paco that's his hood name because we live in the hood . Roco paco poo. He comes to all 3 names

dogs name is Leo. We call him snoozing Susan. Now just Susan. Or Mr. magoo. Or Leolopolis.

my cats name is Lokee (like Loki). My husband calls him Tone Loc (like the singer)

We have a doodle, his name is Odyn. We call him Odie. And when he's naughty, we call him Scrodie. ???????????

my dogs names are duke, nickname dukee, Roxy is rockee, Milo id Meelo.

dog named is captain we call him doodles or poodle. He has so much energy so we say "poodle was able to doodle all day" if he adventures a lot that day

my dogs name is Zeus, but I call him Turkey Dan

Our dogs name is Peyton we call her fat so, pay pay, lovin, pumpkin she a mini pin mix

Dogs name is Gus, but we call him "the jerk". He's always into things.

call my dog Axel booper mcsnooper

Our hubby calls him dickhead

Our dog's name is Bonino and we call him Nino Bonino Burrito. Also, my husband calls him Nemo and Bubba.

coco is her name, coco nino, nino, nino beano

Lab named Scout we call her Scoutie Pippen or the blond terrorist Basset hound named Charlie we call him Chuck or The Basshole

we have a very plump English bulldog named Gracie. She looks like a hippo so we call her baby bippo

My mom and dad call our Boxer "Wiggles" because he's always wiggling his butt in excitement.

Yorkie named Tito call him Toto. German short hair name Beau call him BoBo, the devil, scum bag.

Dogs name Koda. Hes a weiner dog, We call him Kode Kode, koders, shorty, wiggle butt, my weiner

my fat cat will also eat anything left out or any food that falls on the floor

this is Roco Paco Poo

Dogs name is Dooney aka DOONS DOONSICKLE, PITBULL IS Bane call him Bing Bane or dumbass

my cat named Sami I call Kiki mowe

Dog named Ruby. She gets called Ruby dooby doo, Ruberto, Ruby Roo. Cat named Charmander. He gets Char and Mr Char Chars. Both called jerkface too.

we have a cat named scooter and we call him big boi, scooty , scOts mlOts (the oh is pronounced like a big O not like oh)

Fat cat. Real name Kali. We call her Tubby-one-Kanobe or The Beast.

My dog's name is Bozer (pronounced Beau-zer). We call him Beau, stinker, cutie, and baby boy.

dog is a chocolate lab named Barley. We call him Bar, Big Thunder, Big Boy

Dually call him googs Because he has stressed out googly eyes Bernese Mountain dog

4 animals 1 dog boomer call him booms or boom boom. 3 cats Felix. Felamonster, liz. lizzie Borden phsyco kitty, sassy. Sassafras

our wiener dog is Diesel, Dies, Dees Nuts

Our Newfie's name is Azure, but we call her Big Gurl or Bubba Chunk.

dog name Peanut she's Nini, Peener, Stinky butt Peanut, bc toots r baaad! Or crazy pants Peanut bc shes 2yr & cray cray some days!

my dog Lily is: Lilliard (like Julliard) Lilykins, little shit, shittle lit, turd and babygirl

have two dogs so I call them dumb and dumber ????

My GSD is all black and named cash after Johnny cash, but we call him cash money or cash money millionaire

Bernewfie Grizzlie call him drizzly because he draws so much when he wants to eat or have a snack

Milo is his name we call him milo Bobo or bobo , milo Lolo my son-in-law calls him melow. He is a Pomeranian Chihuahua mix

my dog Marli I call kitty, kitten, kitty cat cuz she purs like a cat when I hug her. My other dog Leia I call princess, fat, bootiful lady,

also call Marli marls Barkley

my dog's name is Pilot. We call him liddiot (little idiot)

also call my doggy Cohen butt nugget

cat named rascal. Call him buglas, buggums, bug

My old man cat: Mister grumpy pants

Our cats - Stella, we call her Belly, Bohdi is Bo and Buddha is Boo!

Piper Ann.. she's white so I call her white bread.. then my puppy Harlee.. I call her lil Monkey cause she claims on everything!

my red nose pit her name is Millie, we call her Mils, baby girl, mega mills, milz, milzies, mil girl. She got her name bc we took her in from a family member & she turned out to be a real pain in the A & at the time I had a real pain in the A employee named Millie, seemed fitting lol

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