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TEXT TOPIC: What is your Passive Aggressive Text?

you're a 32 year old mother of about you start acting like it instead of the 21 year olds you're partying with 24/7


sis- you have a fancy degree, a beautiful house, a great job and healthy kids. Yet you're so Dissatisfied with life

dear husband, we both work full time. I also do the cooking cleaning and child care. Tell me again how I'm lazy because I stopped doing your laundry.

Don't shut the machines down it is literally my job to fix it and you're a temp so you have NO training

why does a coffee shop have to charge more for no ice?? So annoying PAT.

it's a mask!! Not a muzzle. Wear it. Newsflash: Nobody wants to wear them, but people die when we don't. Get over yourself.

dear cougar who wants my man, he doesn't want you, never will! so stop changing everything about your physical appearance to look like me

Dear Pizza Joints, STOP CHARGING EXTRA FOR NO CHEESE. One less topping shouldn't create a more expensive pizza!!!

Goes both ways. I am tired of texting, calling, visiting and doing things for you and initiating to ask how you are and how life is and caring. You are my family and it goes both ways. You can call or text me or stop by and check on me once in a while too. I am done ??

to the man in my drive thru that screamed at my employee over a coke then proceeded to tell me I will never be successful cuz I have a sleeve tattoo and I am just a food service manager heres why I am more successful than you: I know how to treat people I care for all my employees and you left her crying over a coke I may not own a Tesla like you but I hope you have a better day

ok people enough of the word 'like' every other word! You sounds so unintelligent when I know you're not. I challenge you 'likers' to try it.

hey black SUV. Do u think you'd pass a driving test like that? The center lane is not a travel lane to drive slowly and hint at coming over several times so we have to slam out brakes

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