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TEXT TOPIC: How did you get knocked unconscious?

my hubby and I were sparring and I was a beginner and he knocked me out!

got hit by a snowboarder skiing on Jan 4th I don't remember anything after he hit me I woke up and my friend was taking my skis off

went snowboarding with boyfriends family was doing really well then biffed it and was out not moving for a good 2 minutes boyfriend thought I died

I rolled my car and I woke up in the middle of my car. With someone knocking on my window. Don't remember rolling

I started crying hearing about frankies accident, and his mom. My son was in an accident on Saturday, his car flipped and rolled. He woke up upside down and bystanders pulling him out. His car is completely smashed, we are so lucky he's alive. He has multiple fractures all over but no brain damage. I think as a mom I'll have PTSD I can't get pulling up on the accident out of my mind.

went ice blocking down a big hill during the summer when I was a kid. I don't remember getting on the block but as I went down I got turned around and fell off hitting my head hard. I woke up with people surrounding me and being confused not knowing where I was.

stopped at a light near the lehi outlets, a car rear ended me and I passed out. Woke up to my 7yo's desperate screams from the backseat. It was horrible!

was given to many drugs in my epidural IV right before I had to push

Mitt Romney had a fall and was knocked unconscious over the weekend.

I was 10 riding my bike. Was Hit by a car. Neighbor found me in the street unconscious. Woke up 2 days later. Total hit and run.

Car crash. Remember pressure from the impact. Came to & felt weightless til I hit the ground face first. Car still rolling. Ejected out driverside window.

3 car accidents 2 in soccer games and a trampoline accident

I remember skiing through some trees and then waking up on the ski lift with a bump on the side of my head. No clue what happened in between.

had a cardiac arrest at 39 and have no memories 3 days before the incident or 5 days in the hospital and 3 days after the hospital. My brain was protecting me from the trauma and being away from my kids in the hospital. Ended up with a pacemaker and Left Bundle Branch Blockage diagnosis.

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