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TEXT TOPIC: You didn't get invited to what and it bummed you out?

my closest longtime friends went on a Disneyland trip without me, no invite. I was hurt 4 a long time

my best friends wedding! It was in Moab so she thought I wouldn't want to go. I obviously would, I was so upset!

only get invited to some family parties because I'm the only step sibling. My siblings- my mom married their dad when I was two and my dad married their mom when I was 4 so that's all I know. I think of them as my blood siblings because otherwise it's just me and on both sides of my family I'm the outcast cause they have their "blood siblings" they're closer to. So I had to go back and forth to different families I never belonged to. They don't invite me to most things now that were adults. It's always made me feel really horrible.

Didn't get invited to a b day party. I was 8, I was the only girl in the class that didn't get an invite. I asked girl if there was a mistake she said no

My 11-year-old son did not get invited to a teammates birthday party but everybody else on the basketball team did.

a backyard wedding reception next door to me. All the other neighbors were invited. They borrowed MY key to the church for tables and chairs ??

I was very conspicuously not invited to my cousin's 30th birthday, their baby shower, and their children's birthdays. They are LDS and I am not so I have a sneaking suspicion that's why. It sucks because I really love that family!

my husbands family always invites just him to family gatherings, parties etc , intentionally leaving me out . 15 years of marriage and they still don't understand we're a unit

friends wedding. She asked me to be a bridesmaid, I was working at the Grand Canyon but I said I'd be back before wedding, she never got back to me again so it was awkward just getting the wedding invitation.

I'm good enough to be needed as a pitcher during regular season games but never get invited to play tournaments with the same people. Softball.

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