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TEXT TOPIC: Do you feel like you are trying to hang onto your youth?

I still shop on the junior section at kohl's. I'll be 41 in April.

I started learning TikTok dances. I'll never post them but learning them makes me feel young. I'm only 27 but ever since the baby I feel old

I'm totally struggling letting go of my youth haha. I work with teenagers and my husband told me the other day that they probably don't want to talk to the old mom about their boyfriends and stuff (I'm 32) also I wear skinny jeans, side part and use ??

bought a wobble board. I'll be 52. Want to get back into shape. Hope that will keep me young.

Trying to hang on to my hair!! Rogain and Ovation Cell Therapy (Thanks to Jess). Hoping the combo works!! Lol

I'm 27 almost 28 yet I still watch cartoons and buy stuffed animals. I always remind myself of Joey from Full House!

I cling on to my youth by wearing parachute pants my Michael Jackson zipper jacket, play video games and eat little Debbie treats all day every day.

Im 48 and i still read my Nancy Drew mysteries. i own 54 out of 56 vintage hardbacks. still on the hunt for numbers 26 and 32

I am 45 and just dyed my hair purple! Definitely trying to hold on to my youth! ???????

mottos always been your only as old as the women you bang. I'm currently 28

dyed my hair purple!!!!!

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