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TEXT TOPIC:Do you have a weird game you play with your spouse?

we do rock paper scissors to decide who pays & do things around the house

We talk in depth about our poops and farts. Comparing how good or bad they were. frequency, consistency, size, sounds etc.

We narrate our two dogs thoughts. We go off for like 10-20 min on what we thing our dogs are thinking.

We play, "who's luckier?" When we see odd couples pass by. Sometimes we declare, "even". Lol

My wife and I have a song for every occasion involving our dog.

Going to bed song, going outside song, just laying there staring at us song and sometimes we add new lyrics.

I accepted I cannot hum most song melodies.. hubs laughs as I sound tone deaf humming but am fine singing. So I found a random song generator and I try to hum it and he has to guess and vice versa.

Me and my hubby play this music game on long road trip. My hubby has over 500 songs but he can guess the name or artist in the first couple of secs

my husband and I quote movies then ask each other what show or use the quote in everyday life. People think we're nuts

hubby and i played slugbug non stop while we were dating. Convertibles were 2 points lol

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