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TEXT TOPIC: You can't believe a stranger said WHAT to you?

I was 23, unmarried and pregnant. A man asked me if I was keeping my baby. What the f?

I had 6 kids 11 yrs old and younger. I got/ still get "are they ALL yours?" Yup, and my uterus/ vagina proves it! Jerks

with 6 kids, I've been asked several times "you know what causes that?" Yeah.... sex... with my husband!

I was at a meeting and the presenter asked if I was pregnant. I am not. She then asked are you sure? All of my coworkers were dying!

I recently got married and had someone congratulate me and then continue to say "it will be fun while it lasts"

if I had your car and you had a feather up your butt we'd both be tickled.(goofy grandpa type at drive tru line)

you speak very good English, good for you. I am hispanic so brown born in California

I used to smoke cigarettes, an older lady came out of her way to come over to me and attack me for smoking and call me a 2nd class citizen

I was on Trax and a woman lightly punched me in the stomach and asked, "Is there a baby in there or just fat?"

I had just had my baby who is half black, one of my moms clients said to me oh it looks like someone adopted a baby! I said nope I birthed her!!

My post lady asked me if my 7-year-old was my granddaughter. I'm 39 ho! I know it's Utah but come on!!!

I was buying formula at Costco and some lady told me "you should breastfeed." I was speechless. It's a sore spot because I really wanted to and couldn't

a lady at church I didn't know asked " do all of your kids have the same father " I'm black my kids are bi racial ..

Work in medical field, conversation w patient about kids. I was a teen mom. Lady ask if it's tradition for latina women 2 get pregnant young

Guy at the gym came up to me, touched my hair and said, "I like it when your hair is curly"

I'm in eating disorder recovery and I was at the grocery store getting some candy and an old man said " wow I know that's not for you looking like that"

When I was in China one of the lady's working in the market asked me if my teeth were real because their white. Made me laugh.

I'm a healthcare worker and once a patient said i couldn't come in to his room until i showed him my green card... i was born in Utah!

I'm only 4' 11" and look young so all 4 times I was pregnant I would get comments about being a teen mom or get very dirty looks

About 17yrs old walking thru Smiths. Passing a little girls walking with her grandma. I waved & said hi. The gran bends downs and says don't u dare say hi to that "N" word.

in FL I ran an in home day care. I watched kids from multiple culture backgrounds, Peru Puerto Rico and my own children we were stopped in public people would ask to take our picture and ask is this a his yours and ours situation?

daughter is mixed and when she was a baby people would grab her feet all the time and ask how I get them so tan. Finally I started telling them I throw her in a tanning bed

I'm 24 but I have a baby face, I was waiting in the parking lot and a random guy comes up and asks if he can see my license because I don't look older than 15, I just awkwardly laughed

I have twins and when they were babies, i had soooo many people ask me how they were conceived. Strangers wanted to know if they were natural or IVF. I had sex. That's how they were conceived.

I was told by someone how "educated" I sound. Thank you? I am a college undergrad

when I was single people used to tell me often "why aren't you married? You're so pretty!" Eventually I would tell them "there are way worse things than being single". ???????

disabled stepson, a stranger said to me "you don't look disabled so why are we parking here" As we were pulling out his wheelchair. My GF was fuming

My kids are 11 years apart. I get the "do they have the same dad" a lot but the one that Floored me. At a dr appointment for the baby the receptionist said "I'm so glad that you're willing to raise your daughters baby" um no I'm not the grandma. Second baby infertility is a thing.

I used to manage a gourmet burger restaurant. A customer came in one day and was ordering and out of nowhere says "did you know you have crooked teeth?" Wtf? Like no I never thought to look ??

My husband is brown and has an accent. Every time we go out people walk up to him and start speaking Spanish to him. When he says he doesn't speak Spanish they get mad at him thinking he's lying. He's from India

I had 2 kids pretty close in age. One day at the store a lady came up to me and said "wow, you started young" I have a baby face, jerk!

I was 18, worked as a receptionist in a hospital. Patient walks by and asks "when are you due?" I'm just fat thanks.

I had a lady tell me that we should I've been sat at the back of the plane because my son was being grumpy

a stranger told me "you're a perfect specimen can you have my babies? Wtf

have mixed babies and there has been many times I get asked if my babies are mine. I think that's so rude

I was in labor, nurse and I were talking about how my baby could have red hair. She then said well if it has red hair, you might as well throw it in the trash!

early teens in church and was told by the teacher to quit looking at her as I have the eyes of the devil! I have baby blue eyes!

A women walked up to my son and told him his teeth were way crooked and he needed braces. WTF! Rude!

I'm white my kids are mixed their dad is black and I one time had a lady tell me that she thought it was so great that I was a foster parent.

I am really white complected but I'm Hispanic when I speak Spanish people like you speak Spanish but ur so white.

my dad is Hispanic and he was flying from Virginia to Utah and couldn't find his gate so he asked another passenger and they told him where it was and said you better have your papers or you won't be able to fly. My parents speak fluent English and have been in Virginia since 1995.

I had a lady ask me if I colored my daughters hair. She was 7 and just had some really pretty highlights. Then they proceeded to run her fingers through her hair

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