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TEXT TOPIC: What happened when your kid escaped?

my half siblings were 3&4. They walked right out the front door while their mom was distracted and by the time she found them they were almost a mile from home playing in a ditch that later the same year a dead body was found.

Right after my brother turned a year old he climbed out of his crib and crawled to our neighbors house.

When I was 5 or 6 we lived in an apartment and had the lock plus one of the latch locks at the top of the door I had slept walk in the middle of the night my dad had heard the door found me over by the swimming pool.

my 3.5 yr old is on the spectrum and an escape artist. We has gotten out multiple times and we live on a busy road. We have to unlock doors with keys inside and out, have chain locks, ring motion detector, etc. Scares the crap out of me and have has the police called because of it. ??

at 4 am 9 yr old neighbor walked 1 mile to 711 to buy her mom a monster drink 4 her bday..a truck followed her home, luckily it was someone making sure that she made it home safely

My son hated the child care at the Gym. One time, he escaped the child care room and wandered into the gym screaming for mom. I'm just thankful he didn't go into the parking lot.

When my son was about 2 we were playing hide and seek and I could not find him for about 30 minutes. He had one of those racecar beds that top pulled down and he had fallen asleep in that area. I freaked out.

My son was about 18 months old he's 27 now we had those things on the door that you can't open the door the plastic things will somehow he got out and he took our German Shepherd up to 7-Eleven because he wanted a Slurpee he was just in his diaper and the police brought him home and they were kind of laughing because he just kept saying come on Momo that was our dogs name is name is Moki he called him Momo that our dog stayed outside and wait for him when he went in the store to try to get a Slurpee LOL

I was the escapee as a toddler in LA. My mom would wake up to strangers bringing me home!

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