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TEXT TOPIC: What happened over the weekend?

I took my Christmas tree down.

spent time with my sister before she left back to Montana she's been helping out my mom after my dad passed away bittersweet weekend

Ugh FB drama. My sister in law actually unfriended me over it. Thank you, next--I posted about getting back to normal after vaccines and she was extremely rude in a comment and my brother got my back and they got into it.

ended up not working, took 3 year old daughter sledding

Wife caught me smoking weed out back in the camp trailer. Been doing it for 2 years first time getting caught.

Went fishing for the first time this year. Gorgeous weather. Caught 12 rainbow trout.

left my cheating boyfriend without him knowing when he was on a date with his side girl

binged Schitt's Creek too! That show is hilarious!

Binge watched Bridgerton!

So excited as I started working on my barn. Getting it ready for the new mustang horse I am getting soon!

Decided to completely cut ties with toxic people this weekend. Taking a Facebook and Instagram break. Detoxifying from negativity to focus on me

Went fishing in malad, out fished my husband. 17-18 fish. Stayed at a hotel there Then our room got robbed. They took everything from my purse and my husbands toiletries. Eff you to the thief!!!

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