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TEXT TOPIC: What do you do as a parent that can be seen as unconventional?

my daughter has her nose pierced- she's 13 and has straight a's and is such a good girl. A nose ring doesn't change that

I don't limit screen time. If chores are done, they can play. If I limit it, it's a novelty. No limits they get bored of it & do something else

every once in awhile I will tell my teen she can tell me anything with no consequences. She always has been more open than I would have been with my mom

Never had bedtimes, curfews or have grounded our children. We just teach responsibility.

my kids throw knives/axes and get to light controlled fires!

say rhwivesoslc reunion 2 was surprised Heather said she would want her girls to be wild and have multi partners.

10% of what my kids earn goes into a savings account and then they have the rest to spend on whatever they want. That way they won't be surprised by taxes

we encourage our young kids to openly talk about their own bodies with us and any questions and use all anatomically correct terms. Home is a safe place

my kids aren't forced to clean up. if they are tired, or don't feel like it i don't make them. I refuse to hold them to higher standards then myself.

If my kids get physically violent with each other I will do exactly what they did to that that person to them.l got sick of my kids fighting all the time. Believe it or not they rarely fight now

No curfew. I ask them when they'll be home & it depends on what they're doing.

My kids don't have their own cell phone. My oldest is 13. Definitely feel like that's against the norm these days.

We take our kids to concerts. Our oldest was 4 when we took her to a KISS concert. We've seen other rock concerts and they have fun.

my now 20 yr old daughter drinks alcohol, and has since 18. She's very responsible, mostly in our home, 1 friend is always the DD, so I know she is safe

They could call me to come pick them up anytime. Anywhere. And I wouldn't ask questions.

my teenagers don't have a curfew. I have 5 kids 14-25 and it's never been an issue. I just ask what time they will be home and they come home when they say. I've never had any of them come home later that 1:00am.

had "the talk" with our 12 y/o kept it factual and kept all embarrassment out surprised by how little he knew and set the foundation for open communication

we do not censor tv and movies , open communication about what they are watching is key they make their own choice to watch or not.

I did away with dinner time. I got sick of spending my precious time to cook a meal that my little boys refused to eat. So now we eat together the same meal about once or twice a week. The other bights we all eat when we want and what we want.

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