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TEXT TOPIC: Did you do something out of character in a relationship?

I kicked a hole in the wall of my first house when dealing with postpartum.

dropped my kids off at their fathers who happened to be my ex husband, need to use the bathroom found his girlfriends vibrator in the bathroom drawer so I decided to pee on it

I was in an awful relationship. The craziest thing I was pushed to do....i tied running him over with his own car.

dressed up as a dude to bust him, pulled him out of his truck and opened a can of whoop as$ on him, you'd never suspect that of me I seem very calm and sweet but enough was enough i snapped!

dated a guy for over three years and he lied and cheated. I couldn't trust him and I knew I needed to get out of the relationship and tried several times but he would cry and make me feel bad. So I ghosted him, completely just stopped talking to him and hanging out. Totally not me but it's what I had to do to get away

Crazy relationship. To escape the emotional and mental and physical abuse I emotionally cheated on my ex. Also during our fights. I would bite myself because it Helped me release my anger and not on him cuz he was already physically hurting me and I know it would be worse if I hit him.

me &hubs use 2 hav horrible fights,things hav immensely imprvd, but once I tried crashing car with both of us in it

dated a former stripper, I normally have a zero drug policy, but sold a gun for to bail her out of jail (possession)

in 2011 I was in an abusive relationship and it was so toxic that to avoid losing him, I accepted him cheating on me and have an open relationship, on his side. Not in my character at all.

my x hubs gaslighted me for years. When we were getting divorced I snapped. He would call me psycho all the time. So to be 'psycho' I took a lot of his personal belongings and did terrible things to them. I took his toothbrush and scrubbed the toilet he never cleaned for example. I feel bad to this day because i didn't want to stoop to that level.

after discovering my husband cheating. I became a freaking stocker. Following him and checking his emails and phones. All my trust went out the window. Totally not who I was. I hated it. It made me miserable ??

found out my ex cheated on me and kicked him out. He shouldn't have left his wallet with his license and social security card, etc. haha. I also shredded alllll his clothes. I got your crazy right here.

My husband and I would get in arguments and he did not know how to fight fair. He would always throw my daughter into the mix somehow and that got me super heated. I ended up punching the microwave and broke my hand. There is no given those things! We are now divorced and that was the best decision I've made.

I'm not a yeller, but I was dealing with PPD and anxiety and screamed at my husband to get the f out of my house, I don't want you in my life or our daughters life. His mom played a huge part in this as well.

Insane past relationship. I physically took a door off its hinges to look for pics I knew he was hiding of other girls. Keep in mind, I was 5ft tall and 100 lbs ????? rage strength is real ??

My husband worked at the prison for a few years and he had a really good, healthy and professional relationship with the inmates- he respected them as human beings and they respected him as a human being/officer. The area he was in was mostly 1st degree murderers working in the green house, and he truly believes that with a lot of them it was a one time snap and they just acted out of character and unfortunately killed someone, but they have so much remorse and would never do it again. Very interesting. But they are serving their time in prison- rightfully so!

Was in a toxic marriage for over 6 years. Looking back I was crazy towards the end. We were suppose to file bankruptcy together and he refused to pay for half of it.. so I sold his stuff to pay for his half. I also bragged a ton about trips and purposely didn't tell him. We had a dog together and I took him and never let him see it. Partially due to the fact he abused the dog and partially because I knew it would hurt him.. I was crazy

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