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TEXT TOPIC: Looking forward to something and then jacked yourself up

Tore something in my knee 2 weeks before Disney land. Was guilt tripped into going anyway and was in tremendous pain for the whole week.

missed the one and only trip I planned to go back packing for a week down south

1 hour before officiating my friends wedding I was getting mic-ed and walking around the venue....I tripped on a step in my heels and I heard a pop. My ankle immediately swelled and bruised....I just had to suck it up all night. Thought it was a bad sprain turns out I broke my ankle

Had a bad reaction to my new Implants – had to power through for my work trip

a few years ago I planned a yellow stone trip, was working in a bagel shop and deep cleaning the day before and ended up hitting my knees with the pieces of the bagel case and they were swollen, like double the size. I couldn't walk the whole trip. I still tried to hike and walk around but it took me twice as long as everyone else so I was left behind a lot

Had a limited entry dear hunt, the next day, played soccer and thought I had dislocated my knee. Tried to go hunting. That didnt happen. Turned out I had torn the tendon that holds the knee cap down. Husband was mad, doctor laughing at m trying to go hunting.

2004, I was 15 out running around in heavy boots my hip gave out. Ended up in a wheelchair for 2 months. Missed summer / football camp / drivers Ed

I fell on concrete stairs and we were driving down to go to disneyland ride the rides. So had to carry around my donut to sit on. Sucked---actually broke my tailbone falling

planned for 2 yrs fam vacay to Disneyland. Broke my foot just before and was non weight bearing so in a wheelchair. Dad also had to have neck surgery same time. DL wasn't a fun trip :(

Four weeks before my wedding day I tour my calf muscle playing basketball we were going on a three week vacation for the honeymoon up the West Coast pulling an RV. I drive a manual truck. Didn't walk on it for 3 1/2 weeks. We can re-Hab. Walked down the aisle with no limp and made the trip

fell and broke my elbow in two places and dislocated it the morning we were heading to Lake Powell as a family (June 2020) I couldn't go cause i needed surgery.

We were in Mexico for one day I was playing on the huge swings, went to jump off and broke my wrist, we missed the day activities due to the ER

3 months before our wedding walking around the store to register for our list and heard a pop tore ligaments and had surgery before wedding

I was young and performing in a dance recital the stage was small I did a back handspring into a brick wall hit both my feet/ankles. The show must go on had to perform 4 other routines afterwards I bawled while smiling the whole rest of the performance

My bestie maid of honor tripped, slid downstairs, on her shins right as we all walked down the aisle for my ceremony. She had blood running down her shins & they were on fire from rug burn!! ??

ready to leave for Vegas, bowling tournament. Thought I'd take one last spin on my kids go kart. Rolled it and got covered in road rash. Sucked to bowl with scabs.

tore my rotator cuff and needed surgery. I had already paid for a trip to Cancun-a use it or lose it situation, I I ended up going before the surgery. Miserable!

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