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TEXT TOPIC: What are your co-parenting issues?

when one active parent thinks they're better than the other active parent! Kids need both parents

my son has sensory processing disorder, and my ex will not admit that he has it.

Disneyland dad, no structure, refuses consistency, constantly undermines my authority and talks bad about me and my hubby. Narcissist, never his fault.

Communication, I send him an email and it takes up to 2 weeks before he responds if he responds. He always says we when it really just me figuring it out

my ex is an alcoholic.. so just making sure he's sober on his weekends to care for our child.. it's so exhausting.

There is no coparenting. He's the fun parent and I am a responsible parent. If and when he ever shows up to see his kids he takes him to fat cats to bounce houses at one time you know Chuck E. Cheese. I am the one that lives with the kids and make sure Homeworks done clothes are clean laundry if they're fed properly I am non fun parent and he's the fun parent trying to get him to spend any quality time with them is like pulling teeth

I am having to co-parent with my ex husband, who I have a permanent protective order against. Figure that out. Sharing kids with my abuser is horrible.

So glad you did this topic. Nice to know so many can relate and are in the same boat. Ex also will not acknowledge childs' disabilities.

sharing kids with a man that sits in his bedroom to smoke pot with his girlfriend all day is Exhausting. He makes my children raise his girlfriends children well they hang out in the bedroom all day. He also lives with his parents and they watch it happen.

Divorced 12+ years, divorce Is about the children and the adults being amicable. Our 2 children under the age of 18 just now found out the dead's 2nd marriage began as an affair. Nobody thinks less of her because we have raised them with love From all adults involved in their lives

EX has introduced our kids to his girlfriends parents and is having them call them grandma and grandpa which I don't like. They are casually dating and the kids don't need more people coming in and out

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