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TEXT TOPIC: Did your pet save your life?

I was walking to my car early one morning and out of the corner of my eye I see this fairly large pit bull charging at me. In a split second my 120 pound jet black German Shepherd side tackled this pitbull and fought it off. If weren't for Kobe that pit would have done some serious damage to me. Needless to say Kobe got some extra lovings that night along with a huge cow bone. I loved that dog ? Listener Bill

shihtzu likes to take off to the park one day 3 yr old son took off after him neighbor saw and went after my son well the dog stopped growled and ended up following them back to our house close to my son

my dog went to get my husband from downstairs when I collapsed after my appendix burst. If he hadn't, I wouldn't have made it to the hospital in time

We had a dog named Barney, kept me safe when I was 3 I wandered off away from my house and the lady that found me said he was circling me

our lab saved my bro while he was mowing the lawn. He hit a beehive and our dog jumped up in front of him and got stung 100s of times.

I was 5 yrs old in Texas, walking through the field with my siblings. My dog Truman was by my side, started growling and grabbed a snake I almost stepped on. Threw it up in the air until it was dead! It was a water moccasin!

friend's chihuahua woke them in middle of in's bed was beside burned to the ground...everybody got out

Was in Mesa, lived in a big house next to apartments. Playing in the backyard when a strange man hopped the fence and came towards me trying to take me away. Dog ran towards him and pinned him down while my mom ran out and called the cops.

Our border collie saved me and my brother when my brother fell off his bike. There was this massive dog barking and that's what scared us and we turned around super fast and brother fell and hit his head on the road. I was screaming at my neighbors to help me they took off. And I my brother and I were embracing to get attacked I grabbed a rock and a stick and was trying to protect my brother and our border collie came right when that dog jumped to attacked and took him down. We got away. He saved us

My little boy was at his grandmas house sitting in a highchair that is very old-fashioned so it doesn't have the seatbelt in it. While he was eating his grandma was at her desk nearby doing some thing real quick on her computer and had her back turned to him for just a moment. Her dog started barking which he never barks inside the house and was nudging at her leg. When she turned around and noticed she saw my little boy that was not even a year old standing up on the tray of the highchair. They have all wood floors so if he had fallen it would've been really bad

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