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TEXT TOPIC: How did you intentionally embarass your kid?

called my daughter more than once at a sleepover asking if the families fridge was running. She would ask and I told her to catch it!

at my 14th bday party my mom taught all my friends how to use tampons. Soo embarrassing!

I embarrassed my son during a h.s basketball game. He dunked the ball over someone. I stood up and yelled ," he came out of me"

My friend was staying over. He used the bathroom in the middle of the night and ran into my mom, she had a see through nighty on---He got a 'You know what' and my mom said 'nice to know I have that effect on young men' My friend told me the next morning. I was so embarrassed.

if my 13yr old doesn't say I love you back when i drop him at school, I roll down the window & yell it to him

Dancing in the stores with kids or grandbabies, waving at cameras and waving at the people on the street while yelling hi

story of my life my mom lives to embarrass me I hid her simpsons cd because she would BLAST Do the bartman outside the front of the school

My mom pulled down my brother pants on accident while at classic skating during his birthday party

my mom would roll down the window in front of the school and yell my name and I LOOOOVE YOU!!! In her hillbilly voice

my 15 yr old daughter on Group FaceTime I called her upstairs really loudly to come take her diarrhea medicine. (She doesn't take that) she hates me now! But I'm a proud mama

one day my daughter Haylee came to me and asked if she could go hang out with a friend who I thought she didn't like, so I said I thought you hated that girl, little did I know she was on speaker with the girl

my mom embarrassed me one time when I was 24 because on the first trip my husband took to visit my parents my mom flat out asked in the middle of the restaurant "are you having unprotected sex with my daughter?" I almost choked on my drink and my husband took a sip and looked at her and said "no we use protection." The waitress walking to us looked at me and walked away.

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