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TEXT TOPIC: Pick a year to go back and re-do, what year would that be?

2018 I would redo this year because my son killed himself

I would redo 2018. Have a smaller wedding, not rush home buying, and apply for the promotion sooner.

1984...I was pretty small and got bullied from time to time. I would stand up more for myself because I'd end up being 6'6" 2.5 years later.

1974 would somehow, at 3 yrs of age, stop Ted Bundy from killing my friend's sister

I would go back to 2015 and not get remarried.

2011 filed for divorce instead of working it out w my ex

2010. Forced to go to college that caused some serious depression and suicidal behavior. Also met my ex that was mentally and physically abusive.

I would go back to 2010 and help my mom through her mental issues so I didn't lose her to suicide

2018, so I could see that I was getting mentally abused and speak up

I would redo 2002 for the reason as Franky I wish I didn't jump i to another relationship and finish college and work on myself

2012 my youngest son was born then passed away from SIDS 3 months later.

I'd go back to 2016, was young and made a lot of mistakes and can barely remember most of what happened that year

2016, I redo how close I let my ex bestie get to me

2013 - I would NOT join!

I'd go back to 2005 and work harder at school and work out more so I could've gotten my scholarship in the shot put, discus, and javelin

2015, id get right into college instead of taking time off

Year 2000. Got pregnant at 15 and I had so many plans for college. I do not regret my son but I wish I waited until I had a career before I had him. It has been a struggle we basically grew up together but I finished high school on time and worked my butt off to provide for him. It's been a journey 3 more kids later, I own my own business and I am able to provide for them.

2014 for sure. Same reason as Frankie. Take some time to fix me. Or 2009 and be home when my now hubby came looking for me.

2015, Knowing who you are now I wouldn't have fallen for it when you said you loved me.

I'd go back to 1998 and not do what I did that got me locked up

2003, I would be able to save my father's life by stopping him from going to work that day. I'd also get to fall in love with my SO all over again.

2012 the guy I was dating abused my 1 year old son. I should have gotten to know him better before moving in with him.

I would go back to 1989 and not place my baby girl for adoption. Worst decision of my life.

hated 1996 30 yr old almost divorced with 2 little girls

2006, I would have insisted the OB do an ultrasound for our unborn baby who ended up being a still born a few days after our last appointment.

Hello, my name is Brooke and I would go back and redo 2018. I started dating a guy who I thought was perfect. I moved from Salt lake city to St George to live with him only after 6 months of dating. I brought my 1 year old son with me, taking him away from his father. I was very selfish and did what I wanted to do without any regard to anyone elses feelings. The guy I was dating ended up being abusive and he hit my son (when I was not home), leaving bruises on his face. I lost custody of my son for 3 months because I couldn't explain what happened when I took my boy to the hospital. This man has ruined my life leaving me with PTSD. I haven't dated anyone since and won't date for a long time. I should have gotten to know him better before taking such a big step by moving in with him. -Brooke R.

2014. I would tell myself not to move to FL. This place may be paradise, but it can mess you up. People here are crazy, lots of drugs around, people are mean, it's too CROWDED. it's definitely been hard on my lil family and 7 years later, we're still trying to adjust

2014 id get through my divorce with therapy and continuing to work out and eat healthy instead of turning to alcohol and loser guys. I have just over a year sober now and am dating an amazing man but im still cleaning up messes I made while trying to drink away my pain. I've come a long way in the last year if I would have started back then id be a lot farther

2011 should have enjoyed a full ride scholarship at the U with housing, rather than focusing more on a new bf at the time, lost the scholarship and bf is now long gone. Just focus on what matters, bfs come and go.

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