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TEXT TOPIC: Who are you judging on social and why?

I'm judging my friend on Instagram because she posts videos AKA reels of her "sexy dancing" and she's in her mid-thirties

I judge a particular friend for posting too much of her child. It's a huge security risk to post that much of your children

my friend is constantly making jewelry from breast milk and is constantly posting about it. And sometimes uses words like "chunky" and "milky"

Heather and her selfies on Facebook, all the time and putting lip stick above her lip LOL

I am the one who post too much lol and I post my kids. My stuff is all really private and my kids are so cute so why not?!

Sister in law posts too much political conspiracy still. Best friend too much vague book. Grrrr

Unfollowed a good friend because she only posted her doing yoga and the nasty food she fixed and ate. She wasn't even good at yoga!

O M G. My ex. All she posts r posed selfies. Dear LORD, it's ridiculous!freaks out if doesn't get over 100 likes. It's REEEdiculous/SO annoying.

some girl on Facebook, if your relationship is as horrible as you say ALL THE TIME just divorce already. I love me some drama though

a friend who got divorced last year is still constantly posting quotes on her IG stories

40 yr old women who only post selfie's. Stop fishing for compliments via Insta. You're beautiful so realize it already

had to unfollow my cousin, she was always somehow on vaca, like don't you have a job?!

Have a friend who constantly posts about meeting her weight loss goals! Super annoying!

My cousin posts a photo of her workout everyday... Drives me nuts because I'm plump.

have a friend from high school who constantly posts Qanon conspiracy theories. Immediate unfollow.

it's my sister, she posted a FB live of her husband pulling a gun on her then flowers and dinners weekly

My brother and his family live in Florida so they are constantly posting pictures of them going to Disney world so it's a little obnoxious I know I'm jealous but constantly seeing them at Disney world is just annoying

my favorite thing is when people in relationships never post anything. Then they get divorced and they over post all day and so obvious

My friend posts what appears to be a dramatic post paragraphs long & it's literally about the dinner they had that night or something equally anticlimactic.

a previous coworker post so much about her niece. It bad enough we get constant post in our work group chat, but I see it on her social media too. I deleted her.

family member is a posting soap box... and it is either you agree with this person or you are considered a piece of crap person with no morals or ethics. Very argumentative with any and everyone. At least 4-5 posts a day if the politic world is slow... can be many more if they are worked up! Haven't seen family pics forever or fun pics forever.

My cousin is getting married. We're excited for them but the wedding posts are excessive and the same post on multiple platforms.. Multiple times a day. Recommendation requests, I'm so lucky to marry my BFF posts. We get it, you're excited but please stop.

My sister-in-law She will post about something that happened to her a couple years ago, and more recently it has been how many hours she's worked how many she has left and how many hours of sleep she had. Constantly searching for praise from everyone.

My bf posts WAY too many political memes. Then complains to me about people attacking him on Facebook????. He keeps saying he is just going to delete his facebook... Please do it already ??

cant stand a FB friend who is always posting pictures of her twins... long post to every picture. It seems like she wants to go viral or something. It's over the top.

My brother. He is almost 50 and post about 311 daily!

my cousin! Posts 10 times a day validating her worth after a divorce. Very opinionated. Promises to get off social media and NEVER does

Husbands ex wife posts how great her life/relationship/parenting is... despite being in a toxic relationship, has a felony and jail time pending, and lost custody of her son. But based on her social media, she is crushing it!

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