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TEXT TOPIC: What is on your radar?

Marvel's Agents of Shield is what I'm currently watching on Netflix. If you haven't watched it yet I totally recommend!

Im really into the show Supernatural on Netflix and the whole series ended recently so I'm binge-watching all 15 seasons.

radar author mark Manson! Not 4 faint of heart w/ F-word but brilliantly blunt!

I am in love with the show coyote starring Michael Chiklis. There is quite a bit of swearing but it's a great adult show.

BRIDGERTON on Netflix! Obsessed!

Currently watching Longmire on Netflix. Its really good!

we're all watching Bridgerton, but I'm obsessed with the girls on tik tok and IG doing Bridgerton the Musical!! AMAZINNG!!!

KoKonuts Hawaiian Grill in Bountiful! we've been twice in one week! we looooove it!

Duck Donuts in South Jordan. Nice warm donut with your choice of toppings. Yum

Giver of Stars book. So good and can't put it down!

on my radar I'm binging Crime Junkies podcast. Maybe I shouldn't be. I'm now in so much fear of mine and children's lives because the majority of murders on the podcast are serial killers of little girls or adult women.

Watching Firefly Lane on Netflix

radar: long Island medium & clean with me videos on YouTube!

Obsessed with Morbid podcast as well as crime junkies

Blake's gourmet. We jumped on the bandwagon a couple weeks ago and ever since we've ordered 2-4 meals a week.

Recently I discovered a new musician Kenny hoopla. He's amazing! Lost cause and how can I rest in peace are my favorite songs! I'm obsessed

Victoria's Secret mask are absolutely amazing that's what I'm into. They're soft they sit away from your nose and mouth so you can breathe they are just absolutely amazing. And the patterns are so cute

on my radar... I am obsessed with Itto sushi, particularly the Downtown location. The lunchtime waitress Vivian is Awesome! You have to try the Firebird.

re watching Santa Clarita diet on netflix and Scam goddess is a funny podcast

on my radar? Cobra Kai! Get on that s*** it's hilarious.

small town murder is a great podcast too!

carols pastry shop

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