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TEXT TOPIC: What is a food concoction that you love?

my kids love peanut butter on pepperonis.

I like to eat ketchup with my macaroni and cheese. Not the boxed macaroni and cheese but real macaroni and cheese.

my bro would eat a banana w American cheese wrapped around now he thinks is gross lol

in my fam we have these special tacos my dad makes and one of the things we put on them are shredded carrots. It's weird but its good & it works!

love me some funyuns and mustard! Always get crap for it haha

my in laws like cheese and apple pie

dill pickles with peanut butter. Yum!

Peanut butter and spam sandwich. Mmmmm yummy

I dont think this is that bad but I like Bologna and cucumber sandwiches I loved those when I was pregnant and still now its so good!

cottage cheese balsamic vinegar & tomatoes. Looks like brown chunky soup. But so damn good

My stepfather likes peanut butter and pickle sandwiches.

Dipping my fries in my chocolate shake. Has to be chocolate.

I like to put ketchup on my spaghetti and like to eat mayo with fries, mozzarella sticks. Etc

Colby Jack cheese with miracle whip together it's amazing

my family eats grilled cheese sandwiches with honey, and whenever I tell people, they look at me like I just insulted their mother

cake with milk!

not someone else but I like BBQ sauce and scrambled eggs. Usually on and English muffins. Maybe it's the Texan in me

Chicken flavored rice-a-roni with apple cider or red wine vinegar. Yummmmmm!

carrots and peanut butter

My mom is Brazilian, and she taught me to eat mashed up avocado with lemon juice and sugar. It grosses my kids out every time I eat it.

love macaroni and cheese with tuna and I love white rice with chili on top.

My wife does honey and pepper flakes on her pizza

Graham crackers with Velveeta and pb

Cheetos on my tuna sandwiches! So good!

Cheetos Puffs dipped in ketchup ??

salt and vinegar chips dipped in strawberry yogurt ??

Spaghetti with sour cream

smashed up saltines in a cup of milk and we eat it with a spoon. My family ate that since I was a little kid and I still like it.

make Kraft Mac & cheese, stir in chunks of grilled steak & KC Masterpiece Hickory (has to be hickory) can use ground beef instead of steak. DELISH

sriracha sauce and butterfingers it's delicious

Doritos and cottage cheese.

My daughter will dip her fries in her ketchup and then into her ranch. I like peanut butter and mint chocolate ice cream. Also salami and cream cheese

eat Cottage cheese with maple syrup. My dad used to eat peanut butter and mayonnaise sandwiches

tuna with corn and lime Mayo

You can buy cheetos flavored mac and cheese at the grocery store

Sriracha on pizza. Dip fried chicken in honey.

corn dogs with Mayo

Takis dust on a pickle.

Not really that weird, but I like to mix Buffalo sauce in with my Mac and Cheese

my gf and her mom are obsessed with salt an pepper. On pasta, salad.. a bowl of cottage cheese

my weird food concoction is Mayo on rice. My husband got me onto it

my friend eats ice cream with ketchup

ketchup with lasagna

my mom likes to ear bologna and marshmallow fluff sandwiches

Pepperoni with French onion bacon dip

grape jelly on a grilled cheese!! Don't knock it until you try it! It's so dang good!!

Cottage cheese with Fritos

Ramen noodles with boiled eggs AND soy sauce and vinegar!

cucumber and cheddar on my sloppy joe

nacho cheese Doritos and cottage cheese

a slice of cheese with a little jam on it. Try it I promise it's good

my husband eats celery and can cheese ??

Cottage cheese with Nacho Cheese Doritos. Ranch Dip with Cashews

Friend likes oreos dunked in ranch dressing

Bologna sandwich with Doritos in the middle

if you mix ketchup and Italian seasonings with mac and cheese, you can make pizza Mac and it's delicious.

Mac & cheese mixed with a can of cream of mushroom soup.

sour cream on pizza

A glass of buttermilk with black pepper. ??

strawberries dipped in sour cream then brown sugar. Just try it. So amazing!

raspberries and strawberries in BBQ sauce

My son crunches doritos on pb sandwiches And Step Father would Make a tortilla with peanut butter and a hot dog in the center

Cheetos on PB& J

cream cheese, jalepeno jelly with wheat thins.

corn dogs with warm maple syrup

Husband swears by the peanut butter burger from lucky 13. Says it's the best burger he's had.

my boss is obsessed with ketchup, even puts it on his pizza. I like Doritos with cream cheese.

Eggs mixed with Mayo. And we used to have rice with banana growing up.

Fruit punch on cereal

ketsup & potato chip sandwich, hot dogs with popcorn instead of chips & Miracle Whip with only a slice of cheese sandwhich

rice cakes, cottage cheese, Dijon mustard, chicken and pickles or pickled okra on top. Sounds weird but tastes so good.

One of my coworkers loves waffles with tuna fish and peanut butter and jelly on top

make my own sloppy Joe mixture. Can of chicken gumbo soup and ketchup and mustard to taste. So good!

My mom likes ketchup with her French toast. My husband likes tunafish with pickles and ranch dressing. I'd like spaghetti with sour cream

my ex puts Applesauce on kraft macaroni and cheese Or any pasta for that matter Chef Boyardee too

My cousin puts Heinz57 sauce on her rice instead of soy sauce.

My ex wife loves peanut butter and mayo sandwich

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