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TEXT TOPIC: What are you nerdy about?

I'm nerdy about birds. I am always looking for birds. I drive bacchus highway multiple times a day. I count how many hawks I see and I tell myself if "I see a certain amount, I will have a good day."

Seinfeld and Friends quote them all day everyday!

Anime. I love anime, mostly in the fantasy, magic side. I would love to start cosplaying but it's expensive and a deep dark rabbit hole to go down.

My love for Harry Potter. I have all kinds a merch plus a 3d castle puzzle in my dining room.

Friends. I'm all about it.

My husband is obsessed with wintergatan marble machine. YouTube it. It's insane!

I'm nerdy about WWE. I collect every pay per view event on DVD. Including all the Wrestlemanias.

Pokémon math I love learning about math and figuring out math problems. When anyone ask a math problem I start solving it in my head right away

So nerdy about X-men we named our kids after them. (Girls)

I'm so nerdy about Hamilton! I've seen it 20 plus times, listen to the soundtrack, can tell you trivia etc! I LOVE IT!

I'm a bird nerd I have macaw, has own room decorated with parrots wall to wall

The bachelor... I make a bracket and have a cash prize at the end to the winner with the most points... yes I'm a guy

Inner nerd... I had twins. A boy and a girl. And I named them Luke and Leia. It was destiny!

I also own the entire series of The Big Bang Theory on DVD.

Inner nerd STAR WARS I am a 50yr old woman that collects Star Wars anything especially the older stuff

I'm just a movie nerd. I own all hobbits lord of the rings Star Wars fast & the furious and Harry potters. movies and can say almost every line.

My inner nerd, is more of an outer nerd, I love my computer games, flight simulators, history!

Alisa here! I TOTALLY geek out on sunsets and the types of clouds and atmospheric elements that make them beautiful! Lol!

I'm a super nerd for Bigfoot! I have books, foot casts, and always watch and listen to new evidence. My wife hates it. I believe!!

I'm super nerdy about the legend of Zelda. Have mercy and played and beat all the games. My dog is even named Zelda.

I collect pins from Disneyland. I have over 300

I look high maintenance, but actually nerdy. Love Marvel movies, Star Wars, Harry Potter, grew up on Star Trek Next Gen, & work in tech. I'm a woman.

Obsessively nerdy about Harry Potter, I'm 41 and love the books the movies and I have an entire curio cabinet full of Wanda, characters, jewelry all Harry Potter.

husband is obsessed with anything dragonballz and I love looking for pretty rocks!

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