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TEXT TOPIC: Passive Aggressive Tuesday Texts

Bestie, we agreed to be open about moving You have a realtor, priced your house, and are looking-all without a word until you need my steamer. Thx

When I take a day off don't get pissed when I don't answer emails or work. Blowing my email up, when I know you're seeing an out of office, isn't going to make me respond.

Mom if I want to play video games until 3:00 a.m. I can I'm 32 years old and you live in my house

work as an operator. And to all the people who call and yell at me... I'm not going to help you. Be nice to me and I'll be nice to you!

your almost 40 stop worrying about what mommy and daddy might think cuz you fell in love with someone that isn't LDS

Mom I wish you could be accountable for your mistakes and shortcomings. I wish we could have a relationship.

wearing your mask without covering your nose is as effective as wearing a condom with the tip cut

My husband of almost one year called me by his deceased ex wife's name for the third time last night. Not sure how to feel about it.

dear art teacher. Don't bully my child just bc he won't wear the TWO masks you want him to

Your 28 years old clean up after yourself! I'm your partner not your mother! I feel like I have 5 kids instead of 4!

to my boyfriend who is so worried about what his parents think. Do what you want.

you can't have an affair with someone... cause a divorce and then just cut me out of your life like I never existed... nooooppppeeee

The kids clothes are the kids clothes. Youre 6'9". You gonna wear them? It shouldn't matter which house they're worn at. Get over your possessiveness!

to my boss, don't tell me you understand my exhaustion when i'm on my 15th day of working and you refuse to help me with any shifts i may need covered

quit playing favorites!! Especially with your own kids!!

dear people..if you tailgate me when I'm driving a commercial vehicle be advised that I can't see you so there's no I can only go 65 MPH

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