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TEXT TOPIC: How did you get injured at work?

My mom fell at work and needed surgery on one wrist for sure. Came out of surgery with cast and surgery with both arms.

I worked at a Mexican restaurant and grabbed the hot cast iron fajita tray with out a cover on it and burned my hand.

My mother in law tripped in her parking lot at work and shattered her shoulder

2 years ago o was getting meals for the juveniles and my leg got caught on the lift and fell and broke my ankle. Spiral fracture

I work in a copy center and while using the big paper cutter I wasn't being careful and sliced down on my finger and had to get stictches.

How haven't I hurt myself! Lol one of the better is having a file cabinet open an the bottom and opened the top and it fell in me. Just my pride was hurt

When I was a child my dad worked at an oil refinery & he caught fire @ work on April fool's day. They called my mom & she thought it was a Apr fools joke

Was dealing with snow in parking lot. Slipped and dislocated my knee. Luckily went back in place. Knee still trying to pop out of place.

When I was a manager at a fast food joint I accidentally died my hand in the hashbrown fryer. Owch.

Cut my left pointer finger tip off in a band saw had to have it reattached and physical therapy

I worked at a bank, I was getting in a higher vault using a step ladder and when I was getting off I missed a step and fell off. I broke my elbow.

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