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TEXT TOPIC: What is on your radar?

Cultivate in Draper – Amazing food

Missing 411 – The hunted – Apple TV

Lotus Crystals in Draper

I'm really into a podcast called Latter-Day Lesbian right now. It's SO good!

I just finished the show Cursed on Netflix, it's in the same universe as King Arthur and it's absolutely fantastic! Totally recommend

WandaVision on Disney+. Can't wait for a new episode each Friday.

Localz Bistro in Sandy. Delicious!

Ulta self tanning drops- mix them with face lotion. It's the bomb!! And doesn't smell!

On My Radar A new product call Jovi. It's a pain patch geared towards girls who get severe menstrual cramps. It just launched this week at

Schitts Creek is on my radar. Dan Levy hosts SNL h this Saturday. I'm stoked!

On my radar rn is my amazing cleaning girl! See has amazing prices that you can't beat! Her Instagram is @Cleanwithcabrera

so excited to find a new ski shop on 33rd South, Lone Pine has the same owners as the old Second Tracks, and they have an awesome ski shop!

Hot fries. Blue bag, little detective guy. Perfect spicy amount, and crunchy. Yum!

I've been obsessed readin Stephen King lately. I've read 7 in 9 weeks and I can't stop.

Really great podcast by locals! It's called Hanne & Helvs

read the book "love yourself like you life depends on it." Super good book and quick and easy read.

Culpable podcast. WOW. It's a NEED TO LISTEN!!

on my radar, disenchantment on Netflix. Season 3 just came out and I can't stop watching.

on my radar: naked and afraid. Become a survivalist

on my radar right now is EterniTea, local female owned business and she makes custom teas to align your Chakras and they. are. so. delish!—check her out on IG @Eternitea__

I'm into and in love with my air fryer, so practical and fast, best investment ever

on my radar the coy pond boutique. Find the on fb. Love their energy and stuff. Great people.

James Reese novels by Jack Carr. 4th book comes out this year!

Jack Carr he is a retired navy seal that lives in park city. BY FAR THE BEST AUTHOR IVE EVER READ!! I would love to meet this guy in person

Lays Hot dill pickle chips!!

I'm obsessed with Madi Murphy's podcast called The Bad Broadcast. She is hilarious!!

My cousin started an all natural soap business natural lather soap co Instagram @naturallathersoapco So amazing for my Utah skin

Cat and Cauldron store

OMR: Minky Couture now has robes, specifically they have one in Dalmatian. So if u wanna walk around the house and play Cruella Deville it's perfect!

on my radar, Plastic Posse Podcast and a variety of other scale model podcasts.

I'm loving Java Joes! Lavender London fog! So yummy

gluten free reeses with pretzels!

self published contemporary romance writer Amanda Bennett

I'm excited to try moonstruck catering menu always looks good

You all should listen to the podcast Dolly Parton's America, such a good listen!

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