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TEXT TOPIC: Was there a lot you didn't know about your significant other?

Spouse smoked pot behind my back for 18 years. Started out as recreational and then became a daily thing. All the friends and co-workers knew, I didn’t. So embarrassing.

I was with my boyfriend for almost two years. We spent every day together until his gf of 8 years and showed up at the house I was renting from him to tell me about his wife and another gf he's had for 15 years!!

My now ex husband cheated for years behind my back. Even with women at our church. Humiliating.

I have been the other woman for 8 years. Had an abortion. He's a cross dresser.

Husband was sleeping with transgender people on Craigslist after I had just had his baby.. found out he had been cheating on me our whole marriage with his disgusting ex, that's 15 years older than me. Wtf??

Ex husband was hooking up with strippers, prostitutes and women on craigslist. He was also using hard core drugs behind my back

After a year and a half of being in a relationship I found out my boyfriend is a heroine addict and when I confronted him about it he continued to lie to my face. Makes me wonder what else I don't know about him? Is there more?

My husband was hooking with strippers and prostitutes on biz trips

I had a baby with and married my best friend at 20. After six months of money and valuable items coming up missing I found out from his family, who knew the whole time, that he was a heroin addict. Kinda sucks no one said anything before the marriage. ???????

Found out my husband was autistic. High functioning. Didn't notice while we were dating. When we got married I saw all the signs. No loud noises allowed, blanket he is attached to (age 44) no empathy, super super smart with numbers, gets fixated on a subject and talks nonstop about it and many other things.

I learned that my ex was extremely controlling and abused me mentally. Didn't realize until we were going through the divorce. Stupid love goggles.

Full blown alcoholic. I didn't know the extent of it until he moved in with me and it gradually got worse. I started figuring it out when he was hiding the number of drinks he was having in the garage then when he got violent and I called the cops he also informed me that he was taking adderall our entire relationship to not appear drunk!

Ohhhh my!! Yes. ME!! I divorced my husband of 10 years last year after finding out he was having an affair that started when I was 9 months pregnant for 3 years. And very shortly after finding out about girl after girl after girl. Not to mention a disgusting porn addiction. That he was doing this for all 15 years we were together. Completely blindsided he was living. Double life.

Didn't know my spouse was abusive. His whole family knew, his baby mama knew, his friends knew. I found out the hard way made it a hell of a lot harder to get out.

My ex husband used to tell me and my friends and family all the things he did while in the Marines. Several years later I found out from his mom and sister he was never even in the Marines. He said they didn't even know because what he did was top secret. I bought every lie. My best friend said oh yeah 007XXXX! He was manipulative and abusive and it took me 10 times of going back and forth before I could stay out for good.

when first meet my husband he was a good little lds person once we were married he did a 360 and wasn't drank, smoked was not the same person I met.

Found out 6 months into the marriage my now x was molesting his adopted sisters and found out at family game night when it happened again

married 15 yrs, major gaslighting the last 8 yes, cheating with over 10 women at the hospital where he worked, told the women that I was ok with it, and oddly told them how how I am and how great I am at s** so he wanted to learn new things for me, he was hiding over $1 million from me, no clue about any of it until our divorce

my sister found a second phone her husband was using for other women. They separated and a few months later the FBI called her bc he was a leader of a giant pimp ring. No. Joke.

My now ex-husband admitted that he didn't believe that the baby I lost during pregnancy was a real baby and then I grieve too long

Boyfriend said he was sick. I said Id visit after work, he said not to he just wanted to rest. I went anyway to bring soup. Saw him having sex with my coworker through the window. Turns out hed been cheating for months with multiple girls I worked with. So done.

Found out my husband of only 6 weeks had another girl pregnant. We had just found out we were pregnant days before. I left immediately. I later found out he was cheating with multiple girls. After years of dealing with him he's admitted he knows he's a narcissist/sociopath. He's completely fake in every area of life.

found out my ex husband had a whole other family, Gf with 3 kids prego with 4th. Found out because he butt dialed me while being with her, he said he was at work

My ex was an alcoholic. Addicted to everything porn, videos games everything. We were together for 6 years. Towards the end I found out he watched about 4-6 hours of porn, drank a pint or more of whiskey while working/driving. He became abusive. I left.

My ex was emotionally abusive and manipulative. I found out two years after the fact that when we started dating that he video taped me when I was in his bathroom and would get off on it for two years. He also stole a pair of my garments.

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