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TEXT TOPIC: Scary encounter with an animal when you were a kid?

8 yr old. bike, I was chased down by 2 Dobermans, bit me up. I was bleeding. Neighbor heard it 2 houses down came running. I panic when any dog walks to me

I'm a female Exterminator (Sarah) and annihilate pests no problem. Bit by a garter snake as a kid & can't even look at snakes anymore. PETRIFIED!

Reptile House at 8. Literally ran into a free-roaming big snake w/ its mouth taped shut, never been the same.

At my dad's company event one year I saw a Doberman attack a child. I was probably six or seven years old and I am still nervous around big dogs

A dog knocked me down and stood on me. So I steer clear of big dogs.

pet snake bit my friend on the neck & we had to rip it off her skin, threw it on the ground, ran away. Dad had to find the snake in the couch. No snakes.

a particularly randy dog scarred me a bit as a kid ??

As a kid I was swarmed by a couple hundred bees and now I am terrified to be around them

When I was little my grandma told me to feed the horses and that it wouldn't bite me and that I would be fine, Well I fed the horse at latched onto my finger and would not let go Ever since then I've been terrified of horses

when I was 6 my g-pas friend was cutting the head of chickens. One chased me all over everywhere I ran it ran till it dropped dead!

I was 10 yes old teeter tawtering with my sister on vacation and then Siberian Husky broke his owners leash and lunged at me and bit my thigh as I went up and jerked me off the teeter tawter and drug me about 10 yards before they got me away. To this day I'm scared of all dogs

when I was around 4 or 5, my brother and I were with my dad when he stopped at a family members house. This family member had ducks in their backyard and my brother and I were back there watch them while the adults were inside. Suddenly, one of the ducks started quacking like crazy and ran toward us. Like any good big sister, I ran for my life and left my 3 year old brother in the dust with the duck pecking at his calves! Even though I could probably drop kick a duck if I had to, they still freak me out!!

Around 4 i tried to pet a wild turkey. I have a scar on my pinky from that encounter. Love eating them but freak out around the live ones.

when we were little we had geese for pets. We would get off the bus and walk down this big long lane to get to our house because we lived on a farm and we would try to avoid them like the plague! My poor little brother couldn't run as fast as me so he was always the one that got bit. It hurts like heck!??????

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