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TEXT TOPIC: How did your spouse propose?

while I was cooking dinner he said let's go to reno, I ask why, he said to get married. We didnt run away but we will be celebrating 25 years this year.

My hubby proposed to me by putting a ring in my bday cake on my 21st. Today is our 20th anniversary.

my hubby purposed to me when I was sitting on our bed in our first home together (an apartment) and it was perfect because it was just us

My husband proposed to me on the sky a ride in Vegas that takes you above all of Vegas he was so nervous he was shaking LOL

my husband & I were laying in bed and he said 'Wanna get married?' Romantic huh! This is after he told me he'd never marry again. 25 yrs later here we are

Hi im jordan My wife loves penguins so while on vacation in Chicago I took her to the aquarium for a penguin encounter while getting our photo with the penguin I gave her a pebble as the penguins do with a ring in it asking to be her penguin.

I proposed to my wife at fear factory in 2015. Had some friends wait at the end with posters. And had some friends go through the attraction with us. while a few others recorded the moment.

hubby proposed during family pictures. I caught my mom giving him the signal to go so she kind of ruined the surprise.

Bermuda triangle 2020 on the cruise ship front of the boat glass bottom

I propose to my girl around Christmas 2014 at the temple in SLC, not LDS or religious but very beautiful and symbolic there

my hubby proposed to me the day he retired from the military in front of all of his friends and our families. I'll never forget it!!! Almost 13years ago.

I hate being the center of attention so we went out to eat, and after he asked me in the parking lot of TX RD house

I was cuddling next to my soon-to-be fiance now husband his mom saying did you give her the ring yet. I saw the text so then he just had to propose.

my brother had all 15 us siblings wear shirts with the letters for will you marry me and he was the question mark. She said yes!

my husband isn't very good with words so he decided to ask me to marry him scuba diving up at the crater in Hebert. I totally thought it was fake at first. He had marry me on a seashell with the ring on it. Took me a second to register what was going on. Prior to that I was getting scuba certified and couldn't clear my ears for some time so he was panicking. Lol

he purposed on April fools day - funny guy. He kept saying "we will see if you have the ring on In the morning"

I proposed to my wife on the gaint swing at Lagoon. Right after I asked if she would marry me I pulled the ripcord, so as we fell she was yelling yes. Also, I've been listening since '98 love you guys.

I was on vacation with my fam at Disneyland, my favorite place. He flew out and proposed - 5 years ago today It almost didn't work, his flight was delayed!

My husband purposed at shipwreck beach in Kauai HI at sunset. It was amazing and I tried to convince him to elope in the next day or two at the same beach, but ended up with the big wedding. Which he wanted.

I'm a woman. I made my boyfriend at the time come with me to a family reunion campout. I kept trying to get him to go hiking with me, and he didn't want to. I finally gave up and proposed to him in his tent. ????? Still love him. But it would have never happened if I didn't pull the trigger.

my hubby took me to mirror lake (where we met 2 years prior) we went to the lake and got down on one knee and asked??????that was 36 1/2 years ago. We were married 3 months after proposal

I proposed in Moab under the arch

My husband propose to me on a cruise ship, post to be starry and clear skies but it was windy and it was great

BF proposed at our senior cotillion at the State capital. 1983. Married in 1984, still married to my high school sweetheart!

my hubby used a sweater that had pictures that asked me to marry him in his parent's front room with both sets of parents there.

My husband's twin's proposal back in Austin, TX. There is a cliff you can hike up to that looks over the lake, a bridge and a grassy field across the lake. He set up a picnic up there then had her look through binoculars towards the grassy area. We were holding up signs that said Will you marry me?

Hubby took me to dinner at our spot, McDonald's then took me to my dad's gravesite where he proposed. Hubby knew how much my dad meant to me and would be happy that I finally found happiness with my childhood sweetheart 40+ years later.

the first purposely 11 years ago he took me to temple square we walked around and he took me up to the Christus and purposed there as he got down on one knee he kind of fell over on to the christus

He proposed on the last hole at Bountiful Ridge golf course, looking over the valley! ??

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