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TEXT TOPIC: What would you do in this situation?

Hellllll no! And that's horrible for him to ask that if her. It's not that other woman's child !!!

How about the effect on the baby as she grows up with a name to a woman she's not even related to!

I think it is a beautiful tribute to someone who taught him how to love. But definitely not a first name. His fam needs to stay out of it.

NO! I wouldn't use it in either first or middle name. I don't care what others think, this is my child, period. End of discussion

No way in hell would I name my child after my husband's ex deceased spouse. I would not want my child to carry her bad ju ju. That's just not ok.

Jess I was thinking what you said, I would probably be okay with using her name as a middle name

F NO on naming the baby after the dead ex. I get that he loved her but that is the new wife's baby. She should be named after her.

Nope, that's weird

his ex wife's name must be Edna... I would insist in the middle name only

if there is kids with the ex. Let them have kids and name their child after their mom.

I say the one who physically pushes the kid out, gets to name it, but it would be a hard No from me.

name should not be so blatant. Middle name is dead wife fav color or flower- Blu Violet Rose Daisy

if the new wife isn't on board with it, then it's flat out wrong to push it on her. You can keep the memory alive in other ways.

That's weird to ask.

Let the little one have her own life and be her own person without the expectations of living up to a memory of a person she has no connection with

My husbands fiance passed away 6 months before I met him and a year before I married him, some said it was rebound but we are celebrating our 19 yrs this month. It's been an interesting balance celebrating us without hurting his ex's family and friends. But most have been very supportive and kind to our family and I always encourage my husband to publicly tribute her on birthdays and anniversaries as any would if they lost a close friend. But I don't think I could have named one of my children after her.

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