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TEXT TOPIC: What is your Passive Aggressive Text?

I'm SO glad you all know more about how to care for my baby's health than the pediatrician, where did you get your degree?

to my MIL stop inviting just my husband over to your house, and stop asking everyday.. you live an hour away and he has his own family.

to my boss: I understand that we all need to give 110 percent but there's a pandemic going on let me stay home when I sick

How about instead of continuously talking crap behind your employees backs and kissing their butt to their face, you just be honest!! Thats a novel idea!!

The carpool lane isn't your personal passing lane! so lone ranger how about you get off peoples asses and quit using it as the Audubon!

Please don't put cones in the turn lane and then yell at people for not using the turn lane. Make up your dang mind!

if u miss your exit or turn, don't stop traffic! Take the next exit or light, TURN AROUND & GO BACK! Causing an accident isn't worth the seconds YOU save!!

Even tho the holidays are gone, us delivery drivers still appreciate the treats you leave out on the porch!

my PAT is, my husband, who is WAAAAY older than me, text a happy 50th birthday. Well, I'm not actually 50, I'm a young and beautiful 41 years old!! Lol

dear female obsessed with my fianc, stop changing everything about yourself to try to look like me, he still won't want you. HE'S MINE

if you are scared to drive then don't.

pull to the right when you see ER vehicle!! God forbid they are coming to help you one day!

the space I leave between myself and the car in front of me is for safety, not an opening for you to dart into

Stop favoring one office. They take advantage of you. Appreciate the office that works and supports you.

from 1 Parent to another you don't have to drop off your child at the front at the school you know you can let them out once you get to the sidewalk drop off would be so much faster

when you are given gifts for your bridal shower, wedding, baby shower, graduation or some other special occasion, WRITE A THANK YOU CARD! Gifts aren't cheap and they come out of people's budgets so express your gratitude and appreciation!

Sorry you treated me like crap and sent work spies behind my back and commented on my disability. You will be caught off guard when the Disability Law Center sends the papers soon from my lawyer's office ???? You thought you got out of it when I quit..nope

To an assistant store director. I know I was having a bad week last week with some personal stuff. Why don't you come down from your high cloud and start caring about the employees around you and not just the ones you seem to favor the most.

my work is super short staffed. We're busy this week and saying overtime is required. It's not according to my handbook. They know I have school and therapy but give me crap for not staying.

People walking into the parking lot from the grocery store, get off your phones and look both ways!! Its a parking lot!! Cars are driving in the parking lot!!

my passive aggression is against you Frankie, how dare you talk bad about the bachelor when you watch real house wifes !!! that show!! They make me freakin crazy!!!

Dear coworker I don't know why you have to treat me like nothing but garbage is it because I'm not best friends with your daughter like everybody else at work is or is it because I'm younger than you and I get paid more than you do because I have a better position you had every chance to get this position you worked there before me you could've applied for it take your nasty bitterness and get a new job

get out of the left lane! If someone is coming up behind you, moveeeee

it's F U February that's why it's so aggressive today haha

you are a women's mental health Dr. You are supposed to lift women up. Not have a 7 year secret relationship with my SO. Thanks for tearing my family apart.

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